The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


8. Entering the Hidden Valley

Titch landed with a ‘thud’ on the ground. Rupert came soon after, nearly landing on top of him. They had fallen out of a tree and into the Hidden Valley.

“Wow,” Rupert said as he looked around” it’s so beautiful here.” The trees around them were glistening in the sunlight and bright colourful birds flew from tree to tree. Down below little rabbits hopped about in the dirt, diving into their burrows.

“Yeah, but we can’t stay for long we need to find the ring of unity” Titch insisted.

"I know, anyway we would be able to see more of the land on the way.” Rupert agreed. As they walked through the forest they saw many animals including prancing deer’s, buzzing bees and silent mice.

However when they reached the Land of the Dead they were devastated. All of the land was as black as night and the grass seemed charred. The only thing that had colour was the rocky volcano with its lava flowing down the side.

“I have never seen anything more disgusting then this!” Rupert pointed out.

“No wonder they call it the Land of the Dead” Titch commented, they started to walk towards the volcano. Every step they took brought them further away from the wonders of the forest and closer to the dangers ahead. Suddenly Titch started to feel dizzy; he swayed from side to side and fell.........

“Titch, Titch” A familiar voice called to him in the distance.

“Yeah” Titch spoke unsteadily.

“Titch you must reach the ring soon and run, go to the Lost Hills and put the ring in its former place before it’s too late. Don’t make the same mistake I have made, get out of here quickly. Titch.....Titch”..........

“Titch, Titch, wake up Titch” Rupert was standing over Titch when he woke up” What happened?” Rupert asked.

“I’m not quite sure, but its nothing that we should be worrying about for now.  I just think we should get the ring and leave as soon as possible." With a swift nod of agreement from Rupert they started to run towards the volcano.  The stiff black grass crackled underneath their feet with every step they took.  As they were running one of the transportation rocks fell out of Titch's pockets.  But their minds were too focused on finding to ring to notice, so they ran on...

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