the lovers who never had a chance.

my name is annie, and this is my story, im mentally disabled but before any of that happened i was just a normal girl in love with a guy named finnick.......but tables do turn!


3. trouble with the boss and the boy!

I'm in the middle of a group meeting there's heaps of people here, Mr Carter (my boss) hasn't fired me yet so either he's not going to or he's waiting until everybody leaves. Okay so everybody's leaving i'm having a mini heart attack over here. I try to walk out unnoticed but that doesn't work I get called back in and I start freaking out i'm definitely losing this job. I walk over to the desk where Mr Carter is sitting, I try and act like I haven't done anything wrong but it's obvious I have I was 20 minutes late and i tried to argue my way out of it so, yeah, "This is the fifth time you've been late this week, I can't have someone on my staff who's going to mess around in the morning and not get to work on time so you're fired!" he exclaimed.

"GO GET FUCKED YA BLOODY TOSSER!!" I literally screamed at him. Everybody just stood and stared at me, some in shock and some just smiling or laughing at me. I burst into tears and ran out crying, I jumpped in my car and sped off. I was just down the road from my house when I saw Finnick. When I came closer to the house I could she him standing outside his house looking at me pull up into my driveway. He started walking across the road, I got out of the car and bolted to the front door, I wasn't in the mood to talk right now, the crappy thing was I couldn't get my keys out fast enough so he caught up with me at my front door, " What do you want Finnick!" I shouted, it was obvious that he knew i'd been crying, " I just wanna know whats wrong and why you're pushing away the only people that try and care about you?"  he asked innocently.

"Finnick wait!" I shouted but he didn't listen, he just kept walking I heard his front door slam behind him, then a melody of breaking glass and bashed in walls. I ran inside, up to my room, threw myself on the bed, hid under the covers and cried.

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