the lovers who never had a chance.

my name is annie, and this is my story, im mentally disabled but before any of that happened i was just a normal girl in love with a guy named finnick.......but tables do turn!


1. the beginning

BANG, BANG, BANG! There go the drums again. You wouldn't understand what it's like living here my neighbours are always playing on their stupid drums at 6.00 a.m. I'm sick of it, i'm going over there to tell them to shut up! I was thinking of putting on a jumper and sweats but I figured why bother when i'm just going across the road. When I open the door I feel a quick shiver run down my body from head to toe. It's freezing but just as I go to step back inside the banging gets louder. I storm across the road and bash on their front door, i'm guessing they didn't hear me because nobody answered until the second time I knock. When he finally opens the door I don't even bother making eye contact when I say, "Excuse me would you mind playing a little bit quieter or not playing at all!" by the time i finished I was basically yelling at him. I don't let him answer before I walk away but just as i do he calls me back I stop but don't turn around, "What's your name?" he asked politelly. I turned around still not making eye contact, "Annie" I said ignorantly, I only said it rudely because he's keeping me here and i'm like almost completely frozen. As soon as I look at him  I swear I can't look away. "My name's Finnick by the way, i'm sorry we played too loud i'll try and play quieter next time." he said softly.


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