the lovers who never had a chance.

my name is annie, and this is my story, im mentally disabled but before any of that happened i was just a normal girl in love with a guy named finnick.......but tables do turn!


4. please forgive me?

I don't blame Finnick for avoiding me, but he could at least let me apologise for having a go at him, I mean i've been knocking on his door forever and he won't answer, I just need him to realise that i'm so sorry for what I did.

Finnicks POV.

I'm starting to feel really bad for just walking away from her yesterday, but I was only trying to help her so she shouldn't have yelled at me. It sounds like she's been knocking on my door forever, I think I should at least hear what she has to say. So just as she is about to knock again I open the door. She kinda stands there like she doesn't know to do until she goes to say something.

Annies POV.

Just as i'm about to knock on the door again he opens it I don't know why but I kinda just stand there like I don't know what to say but then I decide to man up and say it, "I'm so sorry for yelling at you it's just the thing is i'd had a really bad day cause first you tried to kiss me and kinda psyched me out then I lost my fuckin job cause of my wanker of a-" I get cut off by Finnick kissing me. Now I know he's forgivin me, he pulls me in closer to him. Then he pulls away and looks at me like he's ready for me to run off but I just nod my head and continue kissing him. He picks me up and carries me inside, then places me on the couch before removing his shirt and continues kissing me. When I wake up the next morning i'm in Finnicks bed laying next to him and no, we didn't do anything if thats what you're wondering. I don't wake him up I just go straight down stairs and make breakfast when he comes down stairs he kisses the back of my head then turns me around and pecks my lips.

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