the lovers who never had a chance.

my name is annie, and this is my story, im mentally disabled but before any of that happened i was just a normal girl in love with a guy named finnick.......but tables do turn!


2. Love at first hate...

When I wake up the next morning I expected to hear drums but I don't hear anything, "Thank god for that." I whispered to myself, I look out my bedroom window making sure Finnick is not outside his house when I go to work I don't really want to be seen by him after yesterday morning. I put on my work uniform, slip on my white work shoes and throw my keys into my bag. As soon as I walk outside my house he walks outside his. I feel like running to my car but find myself not moving, i'm actually waiting for him to come over, "Hey Annie." Finnick yells from across the road he runs towards me. He slips over on the grass causing him to land on the wet grass, this makes me laugh really loud. After about a minute I offer him a hand up he takes it and pulls me onto his lap causing me to laugh even harder, he leans in to kiss me, I think, but I pull away and stand up straight away and jump into my car leaving on my front lawn all by himself. I look through the rear view mirror just to see him standing up looking at me drive off.

Finnicks P.O.V.

I just stand there watching her drive off. I can't believe how stupid I am I tried to kiss a girl I don't even know i'm such an idiot. As I walk back inside my house I forgot what I came out to do, oh yeah I have to mow the lawns, I mentally cursed to myself, I hate doing lawns. I spent the rest of the day just thinking about her I can't get her smile out of my head, her laugh just makes me smile.

Annies P.O.V.

"Shit i'm late for work again, i'm so not keeping this fucking job!" I yelled sitting in the car park.

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