the lovers who never had a chance.

my name is annie, and this is my story, im mentally disabled but before any of that happened i was just a normal girl in love with a guy named finnick.......but tables do turn!


5. lets make it official.

I love him so much I just don't know if I should make official or if I should wait for him to. I'm lost for words now. We're sitting on the couch eating breakfast and he's watching spongebob on TV, I can't help but laugh because he's 18 years old and still watches spongebob. He looks just as scared as I do but he finally makes conversation, "Do you wanna go see a movie this weekend?" he asked.

"Yeah, what movie?" I asked.

"I was thinking maybe '50 firsts dates' it looks pretty good!" he stated.

OMG did he just ask me to go see a romance movie with him!? I didn't think guys were allowed to like that kinda stuff, "Yeah, I guess." I answered.

He kinda looked at me funny before replying by saying, "It's a date then!" he walked into the kitchen taking my empty plate with him. I walk into the kitchen behind him and hug him from the back while he was washing the plates. When he's done he comes back and sits on the couch with me again, "Fuck!" I shouted in the middle of the room, "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm gonna be late for work," I yelled, "sorry I didn't mean to yell at you again, I really didn't mean it."

"It's alright but I thought you lost your job the other day." he said, clearly trying to calm me down.

 "Oh yeah that's right I don't have a job any more," I said sitting back down on the couch, "so i'm free now I don't need to worry about being late for work. Damn my mum's going to crack a shit when she hears I lost my job."

"Why is it her problem." A voice said from behind the couch. I jumped who the heck was that!?

"And why the fuck is it any of your business dick-head!?" Finnick yelled, "sorry Annie he's annoying sometimes that's my brother Jason."

" Well I'm just saying why is it her business? You're old enough to make your own decisions."Jason added.

 Because i'm not 18 yet i'm still 17 and anyway we don't have enough money to pay rent so with me workind we can afford it, thats why i need to find another job before mum gets back from her business trip." I replied, honestly Jason was starting to annoy me with all his questions about me and Finnick.

-3 days later-

Finnick and I are lined up waitng to get our movie tickets . Half way through the movie Finnick asked me if I would go out with him again someday but he still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet, well I guess we've only been on one date but just in the middle off my thought he says, "I want to ask you, I know we've only been on one date but I wanna ask you if you'll be my girlfriend?"

OMG! I'm so happy now, "Um............. I'll have to think about it.................. Na i'm just being a little shit, yes." For some reason I feel really weird after I said yes, but good weird...

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