The Walking Dead- One Direction

When all hell breaks lose the boys of One Direction find themselves faced with a life or death situation. Unarmed and on tour in America they have no choice but to get on the move looking for shelter. But what they don't know is that the threat is only growing, and that not only are the dead dangerous, but so can other survivors. But what can they do in a world gone to hell? And what about budding romances? But more importantly what lengths will they go to, to keep each other alive when everything else is dead? **this story can also be found on my Wattpad @BeeRadical but i wanted to see what kind of feedback i could get here on Movellas**


2. Chapter Two

A/N: I was actually really surprised that those of you who read it liked it! I didn't plan on continuing it on here but if I keep getting feedback I might just post more of the chapters!



Two Weeks Before:


Harry threw the last of his remaining v-necks and button-up shirts into his black suitcase firmly jamming them down to make them fit, before letting out a huff of air he hadn't realized he had been holding in.

"There." He says proudly before assessing the situation. He had enough clothes and supplies to last him for this trip to America. It was only for a week but he had enough to last him just in case if their management team changed their mind on the amount of time they would be spending there. After taking note to grab a couple of snacks for the trip he spots the small silver paper airplane that sat on his dresser. It shined ever so slightly with the right angle of the light that protruded from the window just above his bed.

"Hazza you ready?" Louis sounded anxious. They had woken up late but it didn't really faze Harry. Even if they happened to miss their flight Harry wouldn't mind being left at home with Lou. It seemed like the past month he hadn't even gotten to spend as much time with Louis as usual. And maybe it was because of their busy schedule but it was mainly because of Larry Stylinson. Harry didn't mind it, but management threw a fit even if Harry just as so much as looked at Louis for a fraction of a second longer than what they thought necessary. "Harry?" Louis' voice hinted at his worry.

"Huh?" Harry looked up his eyes matching with Louis' blue ones before he felt a slight heat rising in his cheeks as he realized he had been scowling at his suitcase. "Err- it's not what it looks like?"

"Harry, Harry, Harry don't you know how to button a shirt?" Louis shakes his head before giving a crooked grin.

"What do you?" Harry looks down to realize he had buttoned his shirt wrong. Again the feeling of embarrassment tints his cheeks and only increases as Louis reaches over and gently adjusts them.

"There." He almost whispers before his ocean blue eyes lock on Harry's emerald green ones. An emotion Harry can't detect flashes through Louis' eyes before he clears his throat and turns away walking out of the room. But not before calling back, "Hey then hurry it up! We're gonna miss the taxicab!"

Snapping out of his daze he quickly lifts up the suitcase upright and grabs the small paper plane necklace in his hand before running after Louis.


"Took you long enough." Niall smirked at Harry before munching on a breakfast burrito. "You take longer than a girl, I swear I we were waiting over here and y-"

"Hey Niall do you hear that?" Harry cut Niall off. Niall shrugs. "That's the sound of you shutting up." Harry stuck his tongue out at a now baffled Niall. Harry didn't mean to be rude about it but rushing around this morning set him off. Breathing out loudly he takes a bite of Niall's burrito before handing it back to him.

"Hey!" Niall glares daggers at the younger boy.

"Ehh." Harry shrugs his shoulders now.

"Harry can you come here please?" Liam is standing next to Danielle his fingers lightly laced with hers. Danielle gives Harry a warm smile as he walks up to the happy couple. "What's up with you today?" His voice is calm and collected as he gives Harry a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing I'm just not very excited to be jetting off to America without a bit of a warning." Crossing his arms he lets out a sigh. "And I'm hungry." Liam just raises and eyebrow and shakes his head.

"We'll eat when we check in and get through customs alright?"

"Okay." Harry walks away back to where he had been standing before noticing something strange. An elderly woman standing by the front doors just stares at him. Sure he's had people stare at him, I mean he is in a world famous boy band. But this was different. She held his eyes with a certain intensity. Subconsciously he trudges over towards the woman.

"Mister Styles." She states.

"Yeah?" Harry feels a discomfort.

"Be alert. Your dreams." Her now fading eyes are grey but they never even once leave his.

"Be alert from what? And my dreams?" He asks worry flooding his senses.

"Be ready. To fight for those you love. For them." The elderly woman holds out a boney finger revealing that she was pointing out the boys who seemed to not notice Harry's absence.

"From what?" Now the panic was getting to him as he turns back to her but she's gone.

"Hazza are you alright?" Louis' face is full of concern as Harry realizes he's been standing next to the boys the entire time. He didn't know what had happened. Maybe it was lack of sleep or huger but what he just saw none of the lads did.

"Yeah." He trails off before finishing, "Completely."




The Present-


Darkness. Total darkness consumes Harry as he lay motionless the feeling of floating astonishing him. He doesn't know where he is, nor what's going on.

"Is he going to be alright?" A deeper voice echoes out in the darkness.

"I sure hope so." This time an Irish accent pierces through.

"What if he doesn't wake up?" The next voice is soothing to Harry, almost comforting even in this time of confusion.

"Hey don't say that he's strong he'll pull through." Another voice this time, deeper but a different accent. A sudden jolt of electricity flashes through his veins when a hand is lain on his forehead. Harry struggles to say anything to let them know he is okay. But it's too much to bear as he starts to slip further back into the depths of unconsciousness. But he won't let himself. He has to warn the boys. Using all his strength Harry manages to move a finger, but the boys don't notice. Or at least he assumes they don't.

"Mmmm." He manages to mumble after a couple more attempts to reach out to them.

"Harry!" The soothing voice rings out making his head pound slightly.


"Oh God Harry we were worried sick about you!" This time it's Liam who answers.

"Guys." Harry doesn't know how long he can manage talking before his whole being starts to drift again.

"What?" Zayn barks, his tone revealing his stress and anxiety.

"That man." Harry has to let himself rest before he continues,"He tried to attack me. Bite me." Just the memory of the half-dead man stumbling toward Harry his mouth hanging freely while he was bleeding profusely out of the side of his face. Harry shivers just at the thought.

"The hell?" The Irish lad speaks up. Worry evident in his voice.

"Why the hell would you think that?" Louis stares as Harry his eyes huge with emphasis.

"I don't know. But he wasn't entirely human. He looked it but his eye." Again a shutter erupts through Harry. "His eyes were so dark."

"Well the worst is over. There is nothing you need to worry about." Liam crosses his arms over his chest before leaning up against the door post.

"Lads?" Niall stares out the nearby window in the room. The five boys turn to him waiting for an answer when loud pounding from outside is heard.

"Lou?" Harry turns his attention to the blue-eyed boy before Niall is snapped back to reality confirming their fears.

"I think that was just the beginning."


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