The Walking Dead- One Direction

When all hell breaks lose the boys of One Direction find themselves faced with a life or death situation. Unarmed and on tour in America they have no choice but to get on the move looking for shelter. But what they don't know is that the threat is only growing, and that not only are the dead dangerous, but so can other survivors. But what can they do in a world gone to hell? And what about budding romances? But more importantly what lengths will they go to, to keep each other alive when everything else is dead? **this story can also be found on my Wattpad @BeeRadical but i wanted to see what kind of feedback i could get here on Movellas**


1. Chapter One

A/N: This story is on a Wattpad I have called @BeeRadical DO NOT STEAL MY STORY this is all my original idea and such and I got it from spending a day watching The Walking Dead, I combined that with my love for One Direction and Bam this story came to be, anyways I wanted to see what kind of other feedback I could get from this website so why not! Please comment and what not about what you think and depending I might just keep adding on or I might delete it. Anyways enjoy!




The dark haired boy sat up, a cold sweat causing his curls to stick to his forehead. His heart pounding violently up against his chest he could almost hear the ringing in his ears. Emerald irises scanned the room profusely locking onto the sliver of light peering in from the balcony. He wasn't sure why he kept having the recurring dreams of him losing his best friends, his four brothers. Yet every night was the same dream, and it was a ridiculous one at that. With them being chased by these shadows. And eventually each of them slowly getting caught by their bloodthirsty hands, those soulless eyes would peer into the boy's very being and then he would wake up. Jolt up in a fury of anxiety and adrenaline. He thought it was stupid yet the dreams were ominous, almost too real to be a dream. But every morning the spell would be broken and he would be sitting up in his bed whimpering, hoping that the boys were okay. Quietly he runs his hands through his hair, unraveling the unruly messy curls. Sliding himself off the side of the bed his feet touch the floor before he makes his way into the other room.

"Harry is that you?" Zayn's groggy voice calls out from down the hall.

"Yeah Zayn it's me."

"Alright just curious." He hears Zayn shift around on the bed before all is silent in the house once more. With the exception of the occasional snore from Niall.  

Quietly he tiptoes down the stairs making sure not to let them creak. He didn't want to wake the boys as they had been sleeping soundly after a long day of interviews and meetings. Harry pulls down a mug from one of the cabinets with ease. With his being tall and all, then he heads over and starts to make tea. But that's when he notices something odd. The water is not working. Confused he thinks maybe last night one of the boys forgot to tell the others that it wasn't working. Taking the cup in his hand he opens the fridge to find water bottles.

"Guess this will have to do." Harry mumbles under his breathe inhaling the air around him. There is an awful stench that fills is nostrils making the boy clamp his hands over his nose. Reeling back he heads back up the stairs in search of Liam. Slowly he pushes the door open to reveal a brightly lit room. Curtains pulled back, and sun shinning in at just the right angle to land on Liam's still figure. He walks over attempting to awaken the older boy without startling him from his peaceful sleep. Gently he places his large hands on the boys back shaking him lightly. The older boy moves but doesn't awaken.

"Liam. Liam there's no water." Liam casually shoves Harry off to the side grumbling under his breath. Harry sighs before patting the boy on the head. "I'm gonna get some fresh air." Harry walks out of the room looking back to see if Liam would awaken, only to realize he was fast asleep again. Closing the door to the bedroom he hears the quiet clicking of the door alerting Harry that the door was fully closed. Sighing he runs his hands through his hair one more time before heading out to the front for a early morning walk.


The chilled early morning breeze ruffled the dark haired boy's curls as he took in a deep breath. Spring was obviously in the air as he strode out onto the lawn listening out for the birds who usually chirp their songs back and forth. Almost like a little rap battle they held every morning. Yet he didn't hear any of the pudgy bird's songs. Baffled Harry shrugged off the slight chill that shot down his spine before continuing on. Where the boys were staying was slightly out in the suburbs so it wasn't nearly as loud and bustling as that of the city nearby. Ever so often cars would speed on by the little house they were spending their time. It was needless to say Harry felt at ease while here. Sure they still had to go out in the city for signings and interviews, but the fact he could walk around outside without the paparazzi chasing him was something he hasn't experienced in a while. He felt peaceful. Normal again. Like the young Cheshire boy who worked in a bakery. Sure he loved his life now, but something about being in the limelight all the time made him tired.

Harry was snapped out of his thoughts when he realized he was standing at the edge of the property. The small wooden fence was now rotting, quite a bit of the wiring was falling away as well. His eyes trailed the fence before his sight was fixed on a shimmering pool of water just beyond the property. It was undisturbed, tranquil and he was sure no one had been out this way before considering the fence was still in tact. Carefully the curly haired boy hopped over the rotting wood. His legs being long enough not to get caught on the now missing barbs in the wiring. Taking one last look back at the silent house he continues on toward the pond.

Harry was taken aback when he reached the outstretch of land that the pond sat on. The grass was a vivid green and the slight breeze caused it to look like a wave of green was passing through. The pond struck him even more the clear as glass water rippled with every passing of the wind. The odd shimmer of the pond almost gave it a majestic feel as Harry bent over to retrieve two smaller stones that lay on the pond's shore. Bringing his arm back he flings the rocks causing them to go flying toward the pond finally making contact to skip a few times across the surface of the crystal clear water.

Feeling accomplished Harry turns himself to head back to the house when he spots a man not too far off in the distance. A quick pang of dread hit Harry before it was gone. Confused at the feeling that flashed through his veins he decides to observe the man who doesn't notice Harry. The man straggles along almost seeming to have a limp with every step he takes. Yet the man doesn't seem fazed by his injury as he continues to stumble along through the open field. Feeling guilt for staring Harry chooses to go over and see if the man needs help. But again the feeling of dread passes through him changing his mind as he heads back toward the house. Going on his way toward the fence Harry trips over an undergrowth that he didn't see.

"Fuck." He mumbles out as he rubs his thumb over a rip in his black skinny jeans.

Red blood smeared on his hand as he realized he is bleeding more than he initially thought. The stinging from the gash in his leg began to burn as he checked the cut to see a piece of barbed wire jammed in his leg. Harry knew he couldn't leave it in his leg, as it could become infected, and the house being at least a miles walk didn't help either. Sighing he reaches over and takes hold of the wire, clenching his teeth together he quickly rips it out. A shriek leaves his mouth before he has a chance to stop it. Harry can feel the tears stinging at his eyes as he realizes the amount of blood spilling from the gash is increasing. "Help!" Harry yells out in the hopes of getting the man's attention, knowing he is only a couple of yards away. The sudden noise of grass being stepped upon catches Harry's attention as he turns in the position he is sitting. Relief washes over him as he sees the man approaching him. "Thank God you're here can you-" Harry's sentence is cut off when he gets a clear view of the man who had made his way toward Harry. His clothes looked as though he was attacked by a bear, they were torn and ragged looking. He walked with a limp which made him slow, but that wasn't what caught Harry's attention, what caught his attention was the fact the man's left side of his face was ripped open. From his left eye down to his chin, and his jaw was hanging ever so slightly moving with the breeze. Immediate fear struck him as the man came closer, the smell of rotting flesh overwhelmed Harry's senses as he stared up at the half-dead figure. His eyes that same soulless black like that of the shadows in his dreams. The man only growled as he got closer with every limp, those same empty eyes staring hungrily down at Harry's bleeding leg.


Louis sat up in the bed, his head slightly pounding from the day before. He didn't usually get headaches but when he did it was after a long day of interviews, and talking around all the screaming fans. He loved the fans but sometimes they could cause him a headache. Groaning the blue eyed boy threw off the covers onto the floor beneath the bed. Casually he glances over to where Harry had been sleeping but to his surprise the younger boy was nowhere to be seen. Louis didn't usually mind that Harry was gone, but there was something different about it today. Louis wouldn't admit it but he cared deeply for Harry, sure as a best friend but he also felt protective of the younger lad, and he wasn't sure what he'd do if anything happened to him. After a great yawn escaped his mouth Louis jumps up and decides to find the other boys who surely at this point were up and about. Making his way down the spiraling staircase he is almost knocked down by Niall who sprints up the stairs, only giving a brief "sorry" before turning down the hallway.

"The hell was that for?" Louis gave a questioning look towards Liam who was ever so slightly laughing at the matter.

"He just drank a whole bottle of this Gatorade in a couple of minutes and he had to pee." Liam turned his attention to Zayn who was lounging on the couch, strumming his fingers on the table in front of him.

"Was quite freakin funny if you ask me." Zayn shrugged before placing his headphones back over his ears, softly humming along to a song Louis couldn't recognize.

"So besides Niall's little Gatorade fling, have you seen Harry?" Liam furrows his eyebrows together as if trying to remember if he had. But before he could utter a reply an ear piercing scream echoed out in the house.

"Was that?" Zayn was the first to speak.

"Harry!" Niall appeared around the corner of the staircase his eyes wide with fear.

"Where the fuck is he!" Louis yelled out. His heart had literally have to have been going a million miles per hour as the boys frantically exchanged worried glances at each other.

"We'll let's not stand here he's outside somewhere!" Liam was the first to throw open the door before sprinting out all the while yelling Harry.

"Louis come on!" Niall grabbed Louis' wrist pulling him along out the door and into the bright sun stricken fields.

"Harry!" Louis screamed at the top of his lungs before spotting the dark, curly haired boy across the way about a mile out. "Lads! I think he's over there!" He couldn't hold back any longer before his legs were carrying him swiftly over the field and finally to the fence. He stopped before he reached it staring at the horror in front of him. Harry's leg was bleeding all over the ground, trails of red showing where he had been dragging it along. His shirt was in tatters from where he must have fallen and his knuckles were scratched up. But most disturbing of all was the dead man that lay in front of him. Clearly struck in the head with a piece of an old plier that Harry held in his hands. The man looked like he had just been mauled by an animal then violently drug around.

"What the-" Louis was cut off when Harry collapsed in front of him.

"Liam! Zayn! Niall!" Louis tried to not let his voice crack as he called out to them. But it betray him as he lost his voice, and the tears that were threatening to spill from his eyelids started to leak as he stood there cradling Harry in his arms.

"Hazz?" Louis managed to get out before the other lads reached him. Worry etched on their faces at the sight of their brother lying lifelessly in front of them.

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