Troubled Love //On Hold Until Further Notice//

Two trouble-makers, Derek Bieber and Jason McCann, best-friends and half-brothers, bump into besties, Bianca and Sophia, while running away from another mess they made.
After a few dates the two pairs are already so close. Easy love it was until something tore the two pairs apart, leaving them all in tears.


3. Texting

Sophia’s POV


I was debating on whether or not; I should be the first one to text Derek. He hasn’t texted me yet, maybe because he’s in the same situation. I sighed and texted Bianca first, as she went home ages ago.

-should I txt Derek? :)-

As soon as I sent it, I got a reply.

-Go 4 it ;)-

I smiled, and went to Derek’s number. I started typing out a text message.

-hey Derek :)-

Almost immediately, just like Bianca, he replied.

-aye beautiful ;)-

My heart literally melted. Derek was so cute, and such a nice person, when I talked to him. I felt like I fell in love with him as soon as I opened my eyes, to face his hazel eyes, matching mine.

I giggled thinking about it, before I replied back.

-How are u der?-

I was debating on whether or not I should write that nickname I found for him, but why not.

-Good princess x-

I smiled and typed back

-U doing anything tomorrow?-

-Not that I know of…?-

-Oh cool…-

After that, he didn’t seem to read the message. Did I freak him out a bit? Was that too over the top? I sighed before switching my phone off, and lying back on my bed.

We have school tomorrow, meaning Bianca and I. We’re in our junior year. I rolled on my side and looked at my alarm clock, it read 6:00.

I sighed again, and walked towards my bathroom door, thinking about a nice warm shower.


Derek’s POV


God Sophia. I can’t seem to get her out of my head. I snapped out of my thoughts, when Jason snatched my phone out of my hands.

‘Aye Jason!’ I yelled at him, as I saw him scroll down my messages.

‘You’re such a flirt Derek.’ Jason chucked, as I struggled to get my phone back.

‘Give it Jason!’ I yelled, pushing him over. When I reached over and got the phone, I quickly went back to the page Sophia and I were messaging on. I pushed my glasses up my nose, just as I was about to type a message.

-aye, then do u wanna hang out? ;)-

I immediately got a reply.

-Sure x-

I started jumping up and down, forgetting Jason was in the room, before he tripped me over, making me fall flat on my face.

‘Argh.’ I mumbled, moving my head to the left, so my cheek was pressed against the floor.

‘Ha-ha.’  I heard Jason say, getting in my face.

‘Shut up douche.’ I grumpily spat, getting up.

‘Derek! language!’ I heard my mom shout from the kitchen.

‘Whatever.’ I muttered.

Jason started laughing harder, clutching his stomach. I rolled my eye and started walking towards the stairs.

‘MOM WHAT’S FOR DINNER?’ I heard Jason yell, making me chuckle.

When I reached my room, I sat on my bed and leaned back, wondering where to take Sophia.



Hope you enjoyed this chapter, as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.


Stay swaggy ;)

Never say never <3


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