Troubled Love //On Hold Until Further Notice//

Two trouble-makers, Derek Bieber and Jason McCann, best-friends and half-brothers, bump into besties, Bianca and Sophia, while running away from another mess they made.
After a few dates the two pairs are already so close. Easy love it was until something tore the two pairs apart, leaving them all in tears.


4. Texting P. 2

Bianca's P.O.V.

I just got back into my room after eating dinner with my mum and dad. I had nothing to do.

'To Sophia'

"Girl I'm bored" 
I typed in and send it to her. I laid on my back in my bed waiting for her to answer. 

'From Sophia'

"Text Jason ;)"
I don't know why but I laughed, I'm nor scared of texting him. I'm just scared that it'll turn into awkwardness.

'To Sophia'

"-.- okay, hoped you wpold say something fun"
I send and found Jason's number.

'To Jason'

"Hey stranger"
Honestly, I don't know what to say.

I got up and went out to the kitchen and took something to drink. And some cookies of course ^-^ 
(A/N: I'm in school right now and I should be writing some other stuff but no :3 )

When I went back into my room my phone was blowing up with a text from Sophia and Jason. I sat back down on my bed and began eating. I don't really care that I just ate dinner.

'From Sophia'

"xD Sorry"
I Smiled lightly and went into the text from Jason.

'From Jason'

"Lol hi :P"

I hate those smileys.. It always make me feel dumb -.-

'To Jason'

"You know that smiley always make me feel dumb?-.-"

Jason's P.O.V:

'To Bianca'

"Awh sorry babe<3"
"Calling her babe already?" I heard a voice from behind me and I jumped up.

"Fuck!" I yelled and looked behind me and saw Derek laughing. He just kept laughing.

"I made you scared" He laughed getting up and took my phone that I propped as I jumped up from my chair.

"No you didn't" I said and took my phone back and sat back down.

"Yeah I did" He said and sat down next to me.

'From Bianca'

"Lol I'm gonna go :P Bye"

'To Bianca'

"Okay Bye (:"

"Someone is in love" Jason said as I smiled at my phone. This guy -.-

"No I aren't!" I yelled and hit his shoulder, he just began laughing.

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