Troubled Love //On Hold Until Further Notice//

Two trouble-makers, Derek Bieber and Jason McCann, best-friends and half-brothers, bump into besties, Bianca and Sophia, while running away from another mess they made.
After a few dates the two pairs are already so close. Easy love it was until something tore the two pairs apart, leaving them all in tears.


1. prolouge

‘Oh my god, can you believe how expensive those shoes were?’ Sophia cried, making Bianca giggle.

‘You could have just gotten them you know, you were practically drooling.’ Bianca states, earning a shrug from Sophia.

‘I need to spend my savings on something else.’ Sophia states, referring to the pay check she recently received from her waitress job.

‘If you say so.’ Bianca giggled, continuing to walk by Sophia’s side.

‘Oh my, did you hear that?’ Sophia shrieks, referring to the loud crash she heard.

‘What was it?’ Bianca asks, gaping.

‘How am I supposed to know?’ Sophia whispered.

Soon they both heard loud, heavy footsteps and continuous snickering. They both looked at each other, gaping, still shocked from the loud crash.

Before they knew it, there were pushed to the ground. The people, who hit them, fell on top of them. Bianca groaned, and was the first to open her eyes.

They started into a pair of hazel ones, belonging to a boy. Sophia was the last to open her eyes, and she was faced with another set of hazel eyes, brimmed with black glasses.

Sophia gaped and squeezed her eyes shut. It took all of them about a minute, to register what just happened.

Soon enough, the two boys, pushed themselves off the girls. Brushing themselves off, the boys held out a hand and helped up the girls.

‘Wha…?’ Bianca asked, seeming to get lost in the boy’s eyes.

‘Sorry about that.’ I raspy voice echoed, giving Bianca chills.

‘Yeah, sorry.’ The other boy said, scratching the back of his neck.

‘No problem.’ Bianca and Sophia replied in unison, still lost in the boys’ eyes.

They looked at each other again, and gave one another the same expression.

‘Im Derek.’ The one with the glasses finally spoke.

‘Jason.’ The other ones raspy voice echoed again.

‘Bianca.’ Bianca introduced herself to them.

‘Im Sophia.’ Sophia giggled, shaking Derek’s hand.


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