Troubled Love //On Hold Until Further Notice//

Two trouble-makers, Derek Bieber and Jason McCann, best-friends and half-brothers, bump into besties, Bianca and Sophia, while running away from another mess they made.
After a few dates the two pairs are already so close. Easy love it was until something tore the two pairs apart, leaving them all in tears.


5. PDA

I went upstairs and looked trough my closet.

Today was the day I was taking sophia out on a date. We were just going to Starbucks, but it still meant a lot to me.

What to wear.

What to wear.

What to wear.

Woah, I sound like a chic.

I laughed to myself and shook my head absent-mindedly, before I finally pulled out a maroon v-neck.

I took off my original shirt, and slipped it on.

Then I took a pair of black skinny jeans out of my drawers and replaced my sweatpants with them.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at my reflection, satisfied with the outcome.

I bent over and rolled up my jeans, so they were just above my ankles, and then walked towards the front of my room. I slipped on my black vans and ran and hand through my hair. I

walked out of my room and down the stairs. I walked towards the kitchen bench, and picked up my iPhone, typing in my pass-code.

I went into my messaging app, an tapped on Sophia's contact name.

To Sophia <3

From Derek:

Im'a pick u up in 5, be ready ;) x

I slipped my iPhone into my pocket and walked towards the front door, to see Jason just walk in.

'What were you doing out there?' I asked him, raising my eyebrows.

'Having a smoke, don't tell mom.' He warned, pointing a finger at me.

I put my hands up in mock surrender, and walked past him.

I pushed my black brimmed glasses up my nose and walked towards my car.

I unlocked it and hopped in, then slipping the keys into the ignition.

I drove down the road, to then realize I didn't know her address. I face-planed myself and pulled over, my car partially on the sidewalk.

I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and texted her

To Sophia <3

From Derek:

just realized, what's ur address?

To Derek

From Sophia <3:

65 Kenswick St. (:

I put my phone down and twisted my keys in the ignition, starting the car again.

I drive down the route to Kenswick St. to reach number 65.

I pulled over and saw sophia standing outside, tucking her hair behind her ear, as the wind blew it.

She was looking down at her phone, so I don't think she saw me.

I beeped the horn and she looked up immediately, smiling at me through the car window.

She comes over to the car, and I lean over and open the door, swinging it open.

She giggles and pulls the hair out of her face, before she shuts the door.

'Hey.' She breaths, sending me a smile.

'Hey gorgeous.' I say, sending her a wink. She giggles and looks down, before I start to drive again.

Sophia's POV

I smiled as Derek took my hand, intertwining out fingers, as we walked into Starbucks.

I looked down at my purple converse, when I felt his hand pulling me into a booth. I giggled as he pulled me into his lap.

'Hows it goin' baby-girl?' He asks, looking at the side of my head.

'Nothin' baby-boy. How about you?' I flirt back, running a hand through my hair.

We may be moving too fast, but I want to have some fun for once.

"I'm just looking at the most beautiful girl I've ever set my eyes on." Derek said, leaning in slightly.

"Oh is that right.'' I reply, as his lips hover over mine.

"Kiss me sophia." He whispers, as I inch forward a bit to taste his lips.

They're delicious.

Derek moaned on my lips, and Igiggled, knowing what he was doing.

He was trying to attract attention, so I just went along with it.

"Kiss me harder." I screamed, as Derek lay me down in the booth.

I heard a glass shattering and I knew it was a waitress who dropped maybe a glass cup.

"Damnnnnn gurlllll." Derek groaned, as my hand went up his shirt.

I started giggling, as Derek pulled away laughing slightly, looking up.

"Uhm excuse me sir.... And ma'am but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." A man, that looked like the manager scowled at us.

"Why the hell would we do that?" Derek said, which made me stifle a laugh.

"You are showing public displays of affection in MY restaurant, and I don't approve of that!" He yelled, his face turning red.

"Keep your pants on. We're going." Derek said, laughing.

He say up and brought me with him, pulling me out of the booth.

"Hurry up! Before I call the police!" The manager scolded, as Derek walked up to a table and took a muffin, before running out.

We ran, hand and hand, as fast as we could until we reached the end of the street.

"That was hilarious!" I shrieked, bending over and laughing hard.

"Yeah babe." Derek said, smiling wide.

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