183 Days # 1 Part

{ Before Reading I want you to know, I'm a very big Directioner. Bad stuff I'm writing about
The boys, is just for the drama! I live theme.. Enjoy 183 Days }

-This is the last day I have to be with you, and then it's over!
The last 6 months has been a hell! I HATE YOU KATIE, I HATE YOU! Liam yelled.
But what was going on? If you wanna know, we have to go 184 days back in the story.
The day it all began..

Liam went to school as he always did. This morning was special, because he had to share
Something with his best friends Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis. He was in love..
There was no one at the school yet. That's because the clock was only 7:30 am, but Liam always came early. He looked out the window, just to get a chock.
A man stabbed another man with a knife, again and again, and he couldn't move!
Little Liam was only 17 years old, and he didn't know what to do!
He got so scared, he peed in his pants, still (frozen) watching That TERRIBOLE crime. Then the man saw Liam...


3. 183 Days # Part 3


Bad luck, Liam wasnt there - anymore! He defently was, because we found his school bag. First i was like "OMG HE WAS KIDNAPPED" but now im more like "Maybe he ran away", but why would he? He has a great life, lots of friends, his parents love him. His parents love him. His parents... I know his mom would do anything for him, but what about Geoff? Thats his father. When i think about it, the time Liam broke his leg, Geoff has pain in his hand. Maybe it was him? I must tell the boys!

The boys agreed with me, so we told the police. right now theyre testing him, and it looks like it was him! who abuse their child? SHAME ON YOU! I called Liam 30 times, still not answering. Maybe his... Ded? :(.... I´ll just send him a text.

LIAM IS ALIVE! LIAM IS ALIVE! LIAM IS ALIVE! He answered my text, telling me i shouldt worry, hes a better place now. He confirmed that his dad abused him! But when i showed the police, they arrested Geoff,but they wouldt help us find Liam anymore. "When he says he okay, then it isnt our problem anymore" They told ud.. Bastards...

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