Falling Feathers

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  • Published: 24 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 25 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Raven Gray. Broken. Unnoticed. Wistful. One Direction were her idols. She looked up to them. She loved them. She dreamed of meeting them. What happens when she does? Will something happen that will just tip her over the edge?


1. Prologue

Raven Gray. Just another bittersweet girl with a tragic story. She was just that girl who sat in the back corner of the classroom, the one who studied hard for the top grades, never went to parties, no family left, lived alone in an apartment complex, depressed, suicidal, anorexic. Of course none of her classmates knew about any of this. They just thought she was a quiet good girl who was sorta kinda polite to everyone for no reason. She sat by herself at lunch times, outside under a willow tree. She wasn't bullied, she just wasn't really noticed by anyone. No one looked closely at her unusual forest green eyes, or her long, wavy, raven hair for which she was named after. No one noticed her seemingly flawless skin. No one got close enough to notice her tattoo. It was two birds, perched on an embellished line, with a hollow heart above them. Being depressed and all that, you may have wondered why she's still lasted. It may be cliche, but One Direction were her anchors. She looked up to them. She loved them. She lived on because of them. She dreamed of meeting them her whole life. What happens when she does?

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