Waiting For Forever

Well, there is this girl named Angela, she goes on a trip to London because of her parents' business meeting. while staying there, she meets a special boy every knows as Harry Styles. Find out what happens to her as they slowly fall in love.


5. home alone...?

"so what hotel are you staying at?" harry said breaking the silence. I was way to scared to talk because I knew I would stutter and make myself look like a weirdo. "Paradise." I was thankful my mom answered. "oh" harry said quietly. I looked at my mom when I saw that Harry turned away. I put a smile on my face and made by eyes bigger to show that i was happy.

i felt the seat next to me move and saw that Harry was shifting in his seat, occasionally bumping into me. "sorry" he said with an apologetic expression. "its ok" i said with a small smile. woah! i managed to get words out of my mouth. he got his phone out of his pocket and unlocked the screen.

"is this your first time being in London?" anne asked. "yes, we are actually here on a business trip so we'll be here for a while." "how wonderful, maybe i could show you around town sometime today, how does that sound?" she asked turning towards my dad. "that's very generous of you, how about we go out to lunch around... 11:30?" "sounds good." she replied with a smile.

after a couple of minutes of our parents talking, we arrived at the hotel. by this time, it was about 7:00. "we were actually thinking about going shopping before lunch so we would love to have to tag along as a thankyou gift for all that you've done. "are you sure?" "positive" my mom decided to take Anne shopping and i didn't know what to do because i was too tired to even walk. we got out of the car and went to the trunk to get our luggage. "which one's yours?" harry asked looking at me. "the pink one." i said and pointed to my suitcase. he grabbed it for me and it looked like he had no stuggle getting it so i didn't really feel bad. i grabbed my duffel bag and harry closed the trunk. we checked in which took a while.

we were finally in the room. "wait, mom. what am i supposed to do while you shop?" "me anne and your father decided that you and Harry could stay here and get some rest. "cool." Harry said before i could say anything to protest. she pulled me aside from everyone and said... "i trust you, so don't let me come back to find you half naked on top of a curly headed boy that i know of." she said in a serious tone but i nodded my head because of how weird she can be.

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