Waiting For Forever

Well, there is this girl named Angela, she goes on a trip to London because of her parents' business meeting. while staying there, she meets a special boy every knows as Harry Styles. Find out what happens to her as they slowly fall in love.


7. Gemma

after we watched an episode of Ridiculousness, harry asked "do you wanna play truth or dare." "uhhh sure." during the commercial breaks we got to know eachother better which didn't make things so awkward. i was kind of scared to play truth or dare because of the things he would make me do. "ok, truth or dare?" he asked. "truth" "do you have a boyfriend." he said almost instantly. "no... truth or dare?" "truth" "do you have a girlfriend?" "no, well not yet." awww man, he likes somebody. "truth or dare?" he asked. "dare" "i dare you to ki-..."

 "Hey guys! we're back" the door flew opened with my mom standing there. Harry jumped out of my bed right before my mom looked at us. "hi." i said kind of bummed that we couldn't finish the game. Anne and my dad came in behind my mom. "we were going to get ready to go out to lunch and Anne wanted to know if it was ok if her daughter could come and i said sure so you will have someone to hang out with." my dad said. "yeah sure" "you could also get ready at my house so you and Gemma could get ready together, but that only if you want to." "sounds good." "ok well i guess you should get your stuff together so you'll have enough time to get ready." i nodded and grabbed my duffel bag that had my makeup in it and i took some clothes to.


within 10 minutes, i found myself in front of the most beautiful house i have ever seen. well you cant really be surprised because one of the biggest celebrity lived her. "come on in" anne said while opening the door. i took my bags and headed inside. i stopped after a couple of steps to admire the house and so i wouldn't get lost. she had clean white couches with pictures of her family all over the wall. she had a big flat screen tv that hung from the wall. "Her room is right this way." she lead me to a white door that had the word 'Gemma' printed in purple on it. i walked in to see a really big room with a really big bed. man, shes lucky.

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