Waiting For Forever

Well, there is this girl named Angela, she goes on a trip to London because of her parents' business meeting. while staying there, she meets a special boy every knows as Harry Styles. Find out what happens to her as they slowly fall in love.


3. broke down

hours passed until finally the captian started talking on the little thingy. he said that we are going to be landing in about 10 minutes. FINALLY ! ive been waiting for this moment. I started to put my earphones in my handbag that I had under the seat in front of me because the air hostess told me to. I put my ipod and phone in there. the sun was barely coming up and it was beautiful. I stared out the window until we landed. the landing wasn't too bad so I was pretty happy. "ugh finally" I told my mom and she was unbuckling her seatbelt. all three of us did a little stretch before getting out and taking our luggage from the little compartment thingy. we got out of the plane and everyone looked half asleep.


 we went to get the rest of our luggage on the little spinning thing. "yours has a blue ribbon on it." my dad said. I eventually found it. it was cheetah print and had my name printed on the side. I turned off my phone earlier so I couldn't check the time but I was guessing that it was like 6 in the morning. we already pre-rented a car so we just had to get the keys and leave. we went to Starbucks after walking through some of the airport. I got a hot chocolate and it was the best thing ever. "ok, we just have to find the license plate on the car and we can go to the hotel." my mom informed us as we walked away from the Starbucks counter.

I was tired of carrying the luggage already because I was so tired. we stood outside and looked for the taxi line. "its over there." my dad pointed at some rope that had people standing by it. we walked over and stood behind a girl that had a british flag on her shirt, jean shorts, and british flag shoes. i smiled to my self because i noticed that she had a one direction phone case. i looked down at what i was wearing which was sweatpants with a sweater on.


 after a few minutes of waiting, we were in the taxi and going to the car rental place. once we there, we found out that the car was broken down. we had nothing to go to the hotel in and not many taxis were here because of how early it was.

we were stuck here. great. this is a perfect start for our "trip". we sat inside of the building they had there because we had nothing to do. we were so mad that none of us said anything. i was freezing my butt off in this place and couldn't do much about it. i closed my eyes when i heard the door open. i looked at who came in and noticed someone very familiar. anne styles. my eyes got really big but she didn't see me. i fixed my hair because she had a really hot son and he was probably close behind. o one was at the front counter to help her so she decided to make conversation with us. "are you waiting for someone to come to?" she said while kind of laughing. "no, we're pretty much stuck here because out pre-rented car broke down." i managed to say. i wanted to talk to her so bad because she was Harry Styles freaking mom. "whats taking so long?" a familiar voice said while walking in to the building.

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