Waiting For Forever

Well, there is this girl named Angela, she goes on a trip to London because of her parents' business meeting. while staying there, she meets a special boy every knows as Harry Styles. Find out what happens to her as they slowly fall in love.


8. as planned

I stood in the doorway admiring her room when clothes came flying in from the side of the room and onto the bed. I couldn't really see who threw them because the door was in the way. I walked into the room a little more and saw a girl with dimples just like Harry's who had long dark brown hair. Anne cleared her throat which made Gemma look up. "oh, hey" Gemma said reaching her hand infront of me. "you must be Angie, Harry has been texting me all morning about how he met and how he thinks youre-" ohhh kayyyy." Harry said loud enough to where his voice blocked his sister's. "well, you guys get ready and ill be in my room if you need me." Anne said. we nodded and Harry walked away with his mom.

"so, did you bring clothes?" she asked. "yea, but theyre no good." "ok, well ill get you some." she went to her closet and about 30 seconds later, she came back with black and white tights, a black tanktop, and a jean jacket. "I like it" I said. "sooo, what was Harry saying about me this morning?" I asked really wanting to know what he thought about me. "oh, he said how you were really beautiful and how he thought you were a really cool person." I blushed a little bit but felt really happy on the inside. "and he said how he gets to sit by you when we go out to lunch." she said and kind of laughed.


she headed back into her closet and I started freaking out because of what she just told me. she came back moments later with black toms in her hand. "here" she tossed them to me and I put them on. I already had my hair and makeup done by the time her mom came in and told us to get in the car. I sat by harry, thankyou jesus! we got to the restaurant and it was really nice. I looked at Harry and saw him glare to Gemma when we were going to take our seats. as planned, we sat next to eachother. I ordered chicken pasta and Harry ordered steak. typical man.

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