The Call That Started It All


10. Chapter 9

as soon as we got to the mall everyone started to pile out. "Christina I will meet you in there!" Mariah yelled as she started to walk up to the mall. the boys stood there waiting for me.

"so what are your plans now that your here?" Beau asked. I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. "i was going to hang out with my sister for a bit but I don't wanna be rude and leave you all alone!" 

Luke walked up beside me and entwined our fingers together. "looks like someones making the moves already!" Jai said as he nudged James and looked down at our hands.

I blushed and started to walk then I felt another hand entwine their fingers in my other hand. I look and it was Beau. "hey shit head!! what are you doing?" Luke said to Beau yelling as Daniel keeked the whole thing.

"what are you talking about I'm holding my future wifeys hand." Luke let go of my hand as did Beau. but before they got into a huge fight I pushed Luke away.

"Christina what are you doing?!" I looked in his eyes and said "I'm keeping you from doing something to my best friend" he looked at me in all seriousness and laughed.

"I'm serious. I don't want anything to happen to you or Beau." they laughed and walked beside me as I started to walk to the entrance to the mall. "CHRISTINA COME HERE QUICK!!" Mariah yelled as I walked in.

she was in Claire's looking at all of the OneDirection merch. "can you buy this for me please!!!!!?????" it was a backpack with a picture of 1D 

"I don't want Matthew to get mad at me for buying you this." "then i'll buy it for her!" Daniel said from behind me. Mariah blushed as he walked over to her and grabbed the backpack from her hand.

"no Daniel I can't let you do that." he laughed and walked to counter and paid for it. "here you go." he said as he handed the bag to Mariah. "thank you so much skip!" 

she reached over to give Daniel a hug then kissed him on the cheek. Daniel looked at me then at Mariah. "your welcome." 

we walked around for a little while longer then the guys decide to do one of their skits. Mariah and I decided to eat while they did their thing. we observed while we were sitting starting to eat our food.

Luke slowly walked to us and sat down. "can I have one?" he said with a little smile. I nodded and he took one. "one more yeah?!" he said looking a me winking again I nodded. he asked again and I just ignored him. 

Mariah was laughing at me. "what!?" I looked at her. "they are getting you for your food." she said still laughing. I looked at Luke "are you serious?!" I said standing up a little upset.

"it's just a joke Christina." he said a little scared. I started to laugh. "GOT CHA!!!!" "that wasn't funny!" Luke said as Mariah and I started to laugh. the rest of the guys were now walking towards us laughing at what they had just seen.

Luke got up and started to walk away. "I better go see what's wrong now!" I said rolling my eyes at Beau. he nodded and stayed with Mariah. I walked behind Luke and finally caught up to him

"Luke wait. please." "no Christina you don't understand..." I cut him off "understand what?! that you were playing a fuckin joke on me? so it's okay for you to play jokes on people but when people wanna play jokes on you they cant?" he let his head fall so he was now looking at the ground

"no I just don't wanna be pranked by the girl I love that's all." my jaw dropped. "I'm serious Christina I love you and I know you don't know me but I wanna be the guy you can tell anything to." I smiled and hugged Luke.

we were finally alone. there we stood face to face. no interuptions. he leaned in as did I. we shared our first kiss. you know how they say when you kiss your soulmate you feel fireworks...well this was more like an explosion.

we pulled apart when we heard the snap of a camera. "you two look so fuckin beautiful together" Beau said as he put his phone down. Luke and I both laughed.

I looked at Mariah and she smiled. I knew she was happy for me. I hadn't dated in so long it was about time I got back out there. and Luke was the whole package. I could fight with him and we would be able to talk through it.

we started to walk out and head back to the car. Matthew had text me and asked what time we would be home. I text saying a few minutes. as soon as I turned the car on the new 1D song 'Best Song Ever' came on the radio.

"turn it up sis!" Mariah said. "you guys like 1D?!" Jai asked. Mariah and I looked at each other then at Jai "um duh!!" we said in unison. "Liam is my idol!" he said with a big smile on his face.

"I'm in love with..." I started to say as I looked in my mirror and saw Luke staring at me. "um nevermind." "don't pay any attention to him just say it." Daniel said. "okay Louis Tomlinson. he's so freakin cute." 

Mariah looked at me and smiled. I had forgotten the concert was tomorrow. "I can't wait till tomorrow. I'm so excited!!!" she said as she squealed. "I almost forgot." "almost forgot what?" Luke asked. he was in for a surprise.

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