The Call That Started It All


8. Chapter 7

I walked away trying to avoid talking to Daniel, Beau, James, and Jai. but there was no shaking them. "Hurry up Luke!" Daniel yelled. "shut the fuck up I'm going as fast as I can!" he yelled back as he closed the door.

I turned around lookin at Luke. he had changed from jeans and a jacket with boots (which If you ask me is kind of funny) into a Mickey mouse sweater with a red shirt underneath and jeans.

"wow someone wants a girlfriend!" Beau said to Jai as they laughed. Luke blushed and walked over to me the guys following close behind. "where are all of you guys going?" he asked them.

they all looked at each other and said "with you!" "and your date of course." Daniel added. I blushed thinking to myself 'is this a date?' 

Luke shook his head. "no it's only me and Christina I don't want her to be weirded out by the stupid shit we do." i smiled and looked at the guys "I don't mind the more the merrier." 

as soon as I said that they all hugged me and walked to the car. Luke and I stood there looking at each other. "I'm sorry." I said smiling. he looked a little mad. "I just wanted it to be us." 

I nodded "I know but I don't want you to leave out your friends and brothers that would be rude don't you think?!" he looked at me and laughed "have you heard the way we talk to each other their use to rudeness." 

I laughed and walked to the car with Luke and got in. we drive around for about an hour and a half and stopped at the mall. "and here's the mall. I think your sister will love this." he said with a smile.

I laughed "yup. she's going to love it." we all got out of the car and walked in the mall. "um maybe you should wait here while we go do our thing. I hate to leave you alone but I don't want you in any trouble." 

I nodded as a little smile grew on my face. "okay well you have my number just call me or text me." I said as he walked away. I couldn't believe how much I was falling for this guy and we just met almost 2 hours ago. 

I walked through the mall and found an accessory store. "hi welcome to Claire's." "hi" I said back to the worker. "if you need anything let me know." she said as I started to look around. "I will thank you." 

I looked to the left of me and saw a rack with One Direction stuff. "I think she would like this" I said to myself. I bought Mariah some wall decals for her room so she could at least decorate a little.

I walked out trying to grab my phone from my purse to see how Luke and the boys were doing. hoping he says their not in any trouble. but before I could pull out my phone someone bumped into me.

I picked up my stuff off the floor not looking at the guy who bumped me "watch where your going buddy." he laughed "I'm sorry." he said as he laughed. I looked up only to see Daniel looking down at me.

"kiss me!" he said putting me infront of him as I saw a security guard looking in our direction. I kissed him helping him hide from security. then the rest of the boys came behind us

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I heard Luke say from behind me. my eyes widened. I was speechless. I loved Luke but I was helping a new friend. "Luke bro its not what you think she was helping me." 

I couldn't believe it. the guy I'm in love with just saw me kiss one of his friends. I couldn't help it but I ran. I didn't just hurt Luke I hurt me too.

"CHRISTINA WAIT!" Beau called after me as I kept running. I finally stopped as Beau caught up to me. "I blew it!" I said as Beau hugged me. "you didn't do anything wrong. if anything you did the right thing by helping skip."

after hearing that Beau text the guys and said he and I would walked home so we could talk. after that I got a text from Luke (-I can't believe you did that-). I showed it to Beau and he laughed as we started walkin back home.

"don't let that get to you. let him cool off by the time we get there it will sink in." I giggled "I hope I really like him." he smiled and asked "how did you start talking to him anyways?" 

I laughed "that's a funny story actually." when I had finished the story we were already home. "that sounds like Luke. he could never pull off a good prank call." 

we laughed as hugged. "thank you so much Beau." he smiled a cricked smile. "no problem. want to talk to Luke?" I shook my head "no when he's ready to talk he can come over or call me." 

he laughed and walked me home (not that it was far lol) and then left. "see you again soon!" he said as he walked away. I walked up to Mariah's room and knocked. "come in!" 

I walked through the door and smiled. "hey sis what's up!" she said as I sat in her bed with the bag from Claire's. "here.." I said handing her the bag "I bought you this for your room." she took the bag an stood up. "OMG thanks. my room is pretty dull with out 1D in my room"

"oh by the way how was your date?" I looked at her and laughed "it wasnt a date. all the guys went and something happened so I don't think I'm going to be dating anytime soon unless Daniel asks me out. which would be awkward."

Mariah looked at me with wide eyes. "what happened?!" she said looking at me. "I would rather not talk about it. maybe tomorrow. I'm going to bed." a sad tone in my voice. Mariah hugged me "everything's going to be okay." she said to me as she hugged me tighter. is she right? will everything be okay?

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