The Call That Started It All


6. Chapter 5

"look hurry kika!!" she said as I tried to look past her hand waving at me. I looked and saw the 5 guys pulling a rope. "just go!" Matthew told the driver. 

he slowly pushed on the gas and the boys tarted to move in the direction of the car. "there's nothin there. they're just pretending to pull a rope." Mariah said as the driver started to take off.

the boys looked like they were having fun. "stop the car!" I said as I got out of the car and started to walk towards them. I looked at them and their facial expressions were priceless. "look I just want to say that you guys are really brave for doing something like this. I envy you all." I said as I shook all of their hands.

I walked away and then ended up back at the car. "OMG kika! you just talked to the janoskians!" I laughed and told the driver to take off. soon we arrived at our new house which wasn't very far from where we had stopped.

"welcome home girls!" matthew said as we walked in to the house. "it's beautiful dad!" Mariah said with a giant smile on her face. I looked around from where I was standing and I was lost for words.

I walked up the stairs as Mariah ran up looking for the door with her name on it. I was a little sad that we weren't going to share a room. but we both need our space. I walked down the hallway past the bathroom and Mariah's room.

I got to the door with my name and smiled. I opened the door and found a new bed made with new covers and a desk with a great view of the street were I had just seen those guys playing around.

I pulled out my phone and decided that now was the chance to text Luke that I had arrived.

•hey Luke just wanted to let you know that the plane landed okay and I'm finally at my new house text me or call me whatever you want ttyl :)

30 seconds later luke called. "hey Christina. how was the flight?" I smiled "it was relaxing. to be honest that was my first time in an airplane." he started to laugh. "what's so funny?!" I said with a serious tone in my voice.

"well at least your here. so when am I gonna get to see you?" I laughed "idk I have to unpack. unless you wanna come and help?!" I said jokingly. "yeah whats your address?" he asked. laughing in the phone I said "um Luke I was joking you don't have to help me." I couldn't believe he was going to help me an he doesn't een know me.

"but I wanna help!" he said with a wyning voice making me laugh. "okay." I said as I gave him the address. he laughed really loud. "what?" I said as I looked at my phone wondering what could be so funny.

"oh well it's just that address is 3 houses down from mine." my jaw dropped. "your kidding?!" he laughed and hung up. I looked at my phone and started to laugh.

"christina! someone is at the door for you!" my mom yelled up to me. "I'm coming!" I walked down stairs and to the door. I looked up from my feet only to see one of the guys I had seen earlier. 

"what the fuck!?" I said as I looked at him and closed the door behind me. "what! we just saw you, I mean me and my friends just saw you!" I nodded and put my index finger to his lips.

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