The Call That Started It All


4. Chapter 4

I woke up to Mariah walking around getting ready for the day. I looked at my phone it was 12pm. "kika wake up we need to hurry and load the stuff in the truck so we can leave." she said as she shook me.

I got up and went to the restroom. when I got out I sat on my bed and looked at my phone. I had a text from Luke.

•hey see you later. I hope your doing okay text me when you get this.

I smiled at my phone texting back when I felt eyes on me. I looked up and saw Mariah looking at me. "who's that your texting?" she said with a smile.

"no one" I said shaking my head. "mhm...let me see then" she said as she snatched my phone from my hands. "wwooo kika has a boyfriend!" I could feel my cheeks get hot. 

"he's not my boyfriend! he's just a friend." she laughed and said "sure he is." with a wink. I laughed and started to get ready for the day it was going to be long after all.

as soon as we had finished loading the truck we all sat in the dining area to eat our last meal in the house before we left. I wasn't very hungry and I wanted to visit my dad before I left.

"where are you going Christina?" mom asked as I started to head towards the door. "I'm gonna go say bye to my dad and Martha before we leave" she nodded "okay but hurry we don't want to miss our flight we leave at 8."

I nodded and drove to my dads. I got out of the car trying not to cry I knocked on the door. "hi princess! oh I'm so glad your here!" I hugged my dad and started to cry even harder. "what's the matter sweetheart?" I shook my head.

"nothing dad. I'm just really going to miss you." Martha came to the door and smiled "you know you can always come to visit." I smiled still crying a little. "oh hey, Martha and I have a gift for you." My dad said.

"dad you don't have to!" I said laughing. "no honey we wanted to that's the thing. you see we wanted you to be able to have a car of your own." my mouth dropped. 

I hugged both of them tight. "thank you so much dad." he looked at Martha. "but you see the car isn't here it's out there. it's waiting for its new owner to pick it up!" 

I laughed and smiled at my dad. I looked at my watch it was 7 o'clock and I needed to get back home. "well daddy I have to get going mom says we are leaving here at 8. We were supposed to leave early this morning. But you know how surprises are around there." he looked at me, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"I love you princess. I hope that you come back and visit us in a few months." I hugged my dad and whisped in his ear "I will daddy. I love you." he hugged me tight and kissed my cheek. I hugged Martha and was out the door.

as soon as I got home from dads mom took one look and new dad did something out of the ordinary. "what did he get you?" I smiled "you'll see!" she laughed as she got in the car. I ran up to grab the last of my things which were my computer, ipod, and my chargers. 

we got in the car an drove to the airport. i looked back at the house thinking 'this is the start of something new'. Matthew had bought our tickets a few days before we knew about the move. we were walking towards the terminal when Mariah called out "I call window seat!"

she obviously knew we were going to sit together. once we boarded the plane, we took our seats and started to listen to our iPods. "kika listen to this." she said as she handed me her headphones.

"that's an awesome song! who is that?" I asked still listening to the song. "oh remember that group you looked up called the janoskians?" I nodded remembering I didn't look them up "well that's them. I think you would like them. this song is called 'set this world on fire' " 

I smiled knowing she was going to love them and never stop watching them. it took about 15 hours just to get there. we slept in the plane that way we would be ready to unpack everything when we got to the house. 

we landed at 11am. I never knew it would have taken so long. we were all going to have to get use to the time change. we walked to the front and caught a cab to the new house.

we were headed down the street when we saw 5 boys pulling something making the driver stop. "what's going on?" mom asked from the back seat. "I'm not sure these boys are doing something with a rope." the driver said. "kika!!! that's them! that's the janoskians!" she said as I looked up from my iPod.

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