The Call That Started It All


3. Chapter 3

I drove as far as I could till I stopped and started to cry. I wish my dad was there he would have done something my mom doesn't even love me. I sat in the car listening to Good Charlotte's Hold On.

as soon as the song was over my phone rang. I let it ring I knew it was going to be my mom. but then at the same time it could have been mariah. I just didn't want to talk to anyone right now.

I looked at my phone and it started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was restricted. I answered it. "hello?" I said still crying. "did I catch you at a bad time?" the Australian voice said on the other end. I laughed still crying a little.

"no actually I'm just cutting some onions." I said trying to cover it up. "okay we'll I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Luke Brooks." I finally knew his name. "nice to meet you Luke." he sighed on the other end.

"are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" I laughed through the phone then started to cry. "my stepdad hit me. I don't know what to do I have the car and I don't wanna tell my dad" "oh my god are you okay? we'll why don't you meet me somewhere. where are you?" "I'm in Newport Beach. where are you at?"

he let out a sigh. "what's wrong Luke?" I said. "well I'm not in California. I'm in Australia." I smiled hearing him say he lives in Australia was like a dream come true. "really? well good news for you. I'm moving out to Australia tomorrow."

I could almost hear the smile growing on his face. "that's fantastic! where to?" I smiled talking into the phone "Melbourne." Luke gasped on the phone in a silly way "NO WAY!! I live in Melbourne." I laughed.

honestly after a while I started to think talking to him was a little wierd seeing as how he started calling me at the start of the week but in a wierd way I started to really think I had a friend there.

"well what are you going to do just sit there till tomorrow?" he said as I was thinking about how much I really wanted to meet him. " I just don't wanna be home right now. but I guess I should face my demons even if one of them is an ass!"

he laughed and started to talk I could listen to him talk all day. I get this feeling when he calls all I do is smile. "hello?" I heard him say as I was brought out of my thoughts. "sorry I was thinking about something."

"really what were you thinking about babe?" I smiled widely "oh um just...something." he laughed "okay well go home so you can get some rest. I want to see you tomorrow when you come out here."

I nodded forgetting that he couldn't see me. "okay goodbye Luke." he laughed thru the phone and it made me smile. we hung up and I headed home. when I got there Mariah was sitting on the porch waiting for me.

"oh thank god! I was worried about you. are you okay?" she looked as though she had been crying. "Mariah I'm fine don't worry about me." "mom and dad are waiting for you."

when she told me that a lot of things were going thru my mind. I walked in the door and found mom and Matthew waiting for me at the dinning room table.

"where have you been?" my mom says running up to me with her arms wide open starting to cry. "I went for a drive. a friend of mine made me realize running from my problems won't solve them." she nodded her head and led me to Matthew

when I saw him all I could think was...well nothin I had Luke in my head the whole time. "I'm sorry Christina. I shouldn't have did that to you please forgive me." I looked at the floor then back up at Matthew

"I'm sorry too it's just she's my only sibbling and I wanna spoil her rotten. I want her to know that she can always come to me an tell me things that she can't tell you or my mom." he nodded and we huged I started to cry a little

"well everyone off to bed we leave early tomorrow morning." he said as he shoved Mariah and I off to bed. "goodnight you two!" we walked up to the room and finished the bit Mariah had to pack.

I laid in bed looking up at the ceiling trying to fall asleep but I couldn't. I was too excited to see Luke. But after a while I started to fall into a deep sleep.


"hey Christina!" he yelled from afar "hi luke" I said as I started to walk towards him and noticed his face was a blur. "come on we're going to be late! hurry!" he said pulling me making me run a little

"late for what?" "the concert you goofball!" I smiled "your on in like 2 minutes!" "wait what?" he laughed thinking I was joking about the whole thing.

he pushed me on the stage. there I was standing in front of millions of people not knowing what to do. everyone was starring at me. i tried to sing but nothin came out. I got so nervous thinking I was going to barf.

I loved to sing but I never put an effort to sing in front of people. I turned to look at Luke when he saw me look at him he came out and the crowd started to cheer

"sing" he said whispering in my ear as he hugged me. I laughed and said "I can't I don't sing in front of people." he started to sing One Direction's Last First Kiss. once he started to sing and look at me I started to sing

we looked at each other as we sung in harmony. "I wanna be last yeah baby let me be your last..." I sang as the song was coming to an end "your last first kiss" he sang as he kissed me in front of millions of fans.

as we parted the fans went wild. I ran off stage trying to find a way to get out of the arena until someone grabbed my wrist. "where are you going?" he said as he pulled me in. "Luke this can't happen"

"why not?" he said as he looked in my eyes. I looked at his hazel eyes (which was the only thing i could really see) and replied "we just can't it'll never work." he shook his head. "we can make it work" I looked down and turned around to start leaving and again I felt his lips land on mine.

"I love-" is all I could hear as he was fading out. I went from there to standing in my room watching myself sleep. "what the hell!?" I said in a loud voice waking myself up.

_____end dream_____

"that was wierd" I said whispering to myself. looking at my phone for the time. 2AM. silence filled the room other then Mariah's breathing. then my phone beeped scaring the living crap out of me.

I looked at it getting a message from Luke.

• just wanted to say hi and can't wait to see you

I smiled but didn't text back. I laid there in bed looking at the moon-light. my eyes started to feel heavy. I soon fell back to sleep.

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