The Call That Started It All


2. Chapter 2

it's been 4 days since Mariah has started to pack and I haven't gotten a call since. not that I cared. I had all my stuff packed and ready for tomorrow. oh I forgot to mention I'm Christina.

hello lol um I just turned 20 this past June and I share a room with my 18 year old sister Mariah. "Christina are you done sleeping?" Mariah yelled at me while I was lying in bed trying to forget that the move was tomorrow.

I laughed "yes. why what so you need?" she looked at me and started to laugh "well I wanted you to take me to the mall to get something before we leave tomorrow." I nodded and knew if I didn't take her she would bug me till I did.

the thrill of being able to drive. but who would have thought i was going to end up being a shofer. "hurry up!" she said as she ran down the stairs to talk mom into giving her money.

I was I'm the middle of getting dressed when I heard my phone. hoping it was going to be the boy again. "hello?" I said a little excited "hello princess!" my dad said as I had a sad look on my face. "hi daddy" I said

"wow don't get too excited there sweetie!" he said making me laugh. "how are you?" I asked making conversation with him. "I'm good I hear your leaving soon to Australia with your mother." I sighed and said "yes dad don't worry I will write everyday letting you know how I'm doing and how it is. I promise."

you see my mom and dad divorced when I was 1 they had been high school sweethearts married young and then had me. my mom met Mariah's dad and divorced my dad. he means more to me than anything (my dad of course). I don't hate my mom for doing what she did.

it's her choice. she re-married right when i turned 2. only knowing she was with child. I'm happy for both of my parents but I really miss my dad. I sat there talking to him for a while when I heard someone run up stairs.

"kika hurry up! I wanna go before it closes." I laughed. "okay daddy I have to go my butt munch sister wants to go to the mall. I love you!" I said as I blew him a kiss thru the phone. "I love you too munchikin!" I was about to hang up when I forgot to tell him something.

"wait! dad?" "yea. I'm hear." I took a deep breath and said "I'm gonna come see you before I leave okay" he giggled and said "okay honey. Martha's going to be here too!" I laughed and once again said bye.

I finished getting ready and headed out the door. "okay riah let's go." I said as we walked out the door. "Put gas in the car!" mom yelled out the front door to me. I was always the one who had to put money in the car.

I work and all my money goes to my phone bill and gas. what a life right!? (note the sarcasm) we arrived at the mall and Mariah ran in thinking she wasnt going to make it we had like an hour till the mall closed

I was walking around the mall and ran into my best friend. "Dustin!" I yelled as we hugged. "hey what's up?!" he said smiling. "nothin really just getting ready for the big move." he looked at me with his jaw dropped. "when do you leave?"

my head hung low knowing I was going to leave my only friend. "tomorrow" he frowned and hugged me "well I'm definitely going to miss you! who else am I going to talk superman with!?" I laughed (yea I like comic books).

we stood there talking when Mariah came running up to me "kika come here hurry!!" I laughed as she pulled me away "see you later. and don't worry I will write." I said as he turned around walking away.

"what Mariah what is it?!" I said trying to get out of her grasp. "I need this for when we go to the concert! please buy it for me!" she knew I would I spoiled her when it came to One Direction. "okay but you can't have everything I'm not rich!" I said laughing as she rolled her eyes. "okay then don't get anything." I said starting to walk away

"kika!" she said with a laugh. okay pick your 2 things. hurry up." she grabbed a purse and a Liam shirt. I bought one for me as well but I was torn between Louis an Harry. so I bought them both. Mariah looked at me "really kika?! can't you ever chose?"

I shook my head "I don't think I will ever be able to chose. Louis has the sort of sexy sassy look and Harry has the cutest smile and hair." the lady at the register laughed "I know what you mean!" we both laughed.

after that we stopped to put gas and headed home. right when we walked in the house mom was standing there "what did you get her now!?" I laughed. "does it matter I bought it for her with my money and I promised her something. I don't break promises."

my mom stopped me in my trail " you know your as stubborn as your father. I just don't like that you spoil her." I try to walk away but she pulls me back. "look I know you don't like Matthew. but you could respect what he says about you spoiling her."

"you two don't understand we have a close relationship. I don't wanna argue please move so I can get to my room." Matthew came in "look Christina I just dont want her to think we don't do enough for her. I want her to learn things." I shook my head "you know what I'm going for a walk I don't need this lecture right now your not even my dad!" I yelled.

Mariah came running down the stairs right when Matthew slapped me. "what are you doing!?" mom yelled. "she needs to respect us Sally." I turned to look him in the eyes "fuck you!" I say then walk out of the house and get into the car.


so guys what do you think all this done in one day I should be writing one of my other stories I have but I just need to get away from thoes right now and do this. like comment and favorite if you like this lol I won't upload more till I know it's getting good and you wanna know more you can follow me on twitter(@kikikins09) and keek(kikikins09) please I would really love your feedback on this story thanks -Christina (that's my actuall name lol)

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