The Call That Started It All


22. Chapter 16

the next morning I woke up to my phone ringing. 'you know you love me. I know you I care just shout when ever and I'll be there' I smiled. "hey babe." I couldn't hear Luke only people talking. "dude Christina should come with us it would be a fuckin blast!" I heard Jai say to Luke.

"No! I dont want her to come." Luke said I could tell cuz the voice was closer to the phone. I hung up not knowingly the rest of the conversation. shrugging my shoulders. i walked out to me car my mind set on oing to the mall to walk around.

I got in my car and pulled out. I took one look in my rear view mirror and saw Luke and the boys standing in the front walking towards me. I put the car in drive ad just left. I left without telling anyone no one new where I was going.

I drove past the mall spaced out my min in the road and my thoughts else where. I made a U turn and went into the parking lot. I sat in the car for a few seconds. my phone rang. 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their like it's better than yours...' I left it ring I just wanted a day to myself with no interuptions and no wierd fighting between Luke and I.

my phone rang again only this time it was diffrent 'Id rather be right here with you tonight then with anybody else in the world. best friends you are my fuckin best friends...' I knew I had to answer or Beau would kill me. 

"hello?" he sighed with relief. "thank god your okay Skip tried to call you where the fuck are you?!" I laughed. "I just wanted to be alone for today I need time to think." I rolled my eyes and hit my forehead with the palm of my hand thinking 'why the hell did I say that?' 

"is that Christina? let me talk to her!" I hear Luke in the background. "Beau no just tell him we will talk later." he laughs and tells Luke then another voice says "give me that fuckin phone you cunt!" I look at my phone. "Christina you tell me where you are right now! oh so help me I will kill you when you get back home!" I had never heard Jai speak like this to me before. 

I laughed histaraclly "Jai calm down. I'm okay I promise. but if I tell you you can't say anything not even to Beau, promise?!" "I promise!" all the boys yell at him "shut up you cunts! go ahead Christina." he said he was somewhere where I could hear a little echo.

"I'm at the mall just walking around thinking. Luke must have butt dialed me when you guys were talking about me. you wanted to invite me somewhere and Luke didn't want me to go." he gasped. "are you still there?" I couldn't hear anything on the other end. "Jai are you.." "yes I'm here. Christina I'm so sorry. but you didnt hear the whole conversation."

I sighed "don't worry about it you guys go do your thing I'll be fine I needed to get out anyways." he sighed "I'm sorry Christina. don't worry it's not going to be fun anyways we are doing a challenge." "goodbye Jai." I said and hung up before he could say another word.

my phone kept ringing. I sat there in the mall thinking about weather to answer it or not. after all the boys called it was quiet for about 5 minutes. and then I heard 'and we danced all night to the best song ever' I smiled knowing it was my sister.

"hey mariah." "hey." the voice on the other end said. "Luke!?" he sighed "Christina were are you? please come home Jai told me what happened." I face palmed. "ugh he promised he wouldnt tell anyone." Luke laughed a little "he told me cuz he knew how worried I was." 

"look luke I know that this was supposed to be easier but it's only getting harder." I heard shuffling on the other end trying to hold in my tears. "what are you saying?" tears started to fall down my face. "I need some time to think that's all." I hung up starting to cry even harder.

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