The Call That Started It All


21. Chapter 15

I woke up the next morning trying to shake the feeling of Luke being mad at me. but it wasn't working. "kika come down stairs breakfast is ready!" my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

I decided to get dressed and text Luke before going downstairs.

To: My Luke Skywalker
hey just wanted to let you know your going to love me after today I have a huge surprise for you. ;) 

I set my phone down and walked down to have breakfast. "hey sis! did you sleep well?" I shrugged my shoulders looking at mariah. "it's Luke again isn't it?!" I laugh.

"don't worry he'll come around." she said smiling widely. after eating I headed back upstairs to my room to grabb my phone and to talk to Mariah. "you'll never guess who's coming over today!?" 

I laughed trying not to let his name slip from my mouth. "um..Luke?" rolling my eyes "duh!!! but someone else you dork" I say playfully snaking her arm.

"one direction?" I laughed "no just Harry" I said calmly. "wow after the kiss you shared he wants to spend time with you." I look at my phone and see a text from Luke.

From: My Luke Skywalker
why what are you going to do to me?! you know I don't really like surprises so just tell me before I get even more upset. I still haven't forgot about last night 

I laugh aloud looking at mariah. "Luke is such a drama queen!" Mariah looked at me her mouth in an 'O' shape. "then why are you with him?" 

I looked at her smiling "you know how there's always something diffrent in a person but you don't know what it is that attracts you to them?!" she nods "well that's how I feel about Luke. him being cute is just a bonus." my home went off right when I was about to speak again.

'DM From Harry Styles' I opened the message "hey I'm here come out and give your hubby a kiss ;D " I sat there laughing then finally got up to leave. "where you going?" Mariah asked. I smiled "my so called 'hubby' is here." 

we walked down and saw Harry standing next to his car. "hey Christina. how are you doing?" I smiled "im doing fine Harold. follow me." Mariah had decided to walk with us seeing as how she had been wanting to talk to Daniel.

I walke up to the front door and knocked Harry was standing off to the side so no one could see him. "Hey Christina. let me get Luke for you" Beau said walking back to the room. we stood there about 5 minute till we heard Beau yelling.

"get your ass out here and talk to her don't be such a cunt!" finally Luke was walking to the door. "hey." hearing the sadness in his voice. "I want you to meet someone." I said pulling Harry next to me. "hello mate." Harry said smiling.

"your Harry from one direction!" Luke yelled as te other boys came running to the front door. "that I am. I was told you were mad at this beautiful young lady for me kissing her?" Luke let his head fall so he was now looking at the floor.

"oh yea and your the one that kissed her." he said looking up pointing at Harry's chest. "yes and for that I am truly sorry. the kiss meant nothing between us. when we met she told us she had a boyfriend." 

Luke looked at me in shock. "most girls would lie just to be with you guys." he said to Harry. "well I'm not most girls. i love you luke I would never hurt you like this." Harry then spoke again "the kiss was all my idea. I shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry."

Luke nodded and shook hands with Harry. I stood there my jaw dropping. "you believe him and not me! I see how it is" I say squinting my eyes at Luke trying not to smile.

"babe you know I love you." he said pulling me in to a hug. "mmhhmmm sure you did!" I said winking at Harry and Mariah. "I do. oh Mariah Daniel went to the kitchen you can join him if you want." she started jumping up an down smiling.

"Harry I don't know how to thank you enough. this really means alot that you helped me out here. how can I ever repay you?" he smiled laughing "you don't need to just keep in touch and come to more of our concerts." I nodded "Luke will come next time so you can kiss him."

Luke looked at me like I was crazy. "what!? I'm just saying." Harry laughed and then autographed a few things for the guys. "thank you so much bro this means alot to us." Jai said hugging Harry. "move aside guys this is my future hubby. goodbye my love." I said messing around with him.

"don't start Christina." Luke said rolling his eyes. I laughed and kiss Harry in the cheek thanking him one more time before leaving. "see babe I told you I wasn't lying. plus you owe me an apology." 

he shook his head "no I have a song to dedicate to you. wanna hear it?" I smiled nodding. "girl what would you do would you wanna stay if I were to say I wanna be last yeah baby let me your let me be your last first kiss I wanna be first yeah wanna be the first to take it all the way like this and if you only knew I wanna be last yeah baby let me be your last your last first kiss."

the song ended and I sat there in Luke's arms crying tears of joy. "are you okay babe?" he asked me. I nodded "yes babe that song was perfect" I looked at him "thank you" I said almost in a whisper. he leaned down looking at me smiling them kisse my forehead "your welcome babe."

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