The Call That Started It All


19. Chapter 14

"omg what th fudge is happening kika?!" I looked at Mariah and shrugged my shoulders. then we heard someone say "it's her! it's really her!" Mariah looked at me laughing.

"what are they talking about?" another girl yelled "that's Harry's girlfriend!" I laughed and asked the girls to back up but they didn't listen. I started to back up very slowly trying not to hurt anyone.

we made it out away from the crowd then finally made it home. "wow that was..just wow!" Mariah said laughing at what had happened in the parking lot of the concert. "finally what took you girls so long?!" my mom yelled from the porch.

"we got mobbed by a bunch of girls." my mom looked at us with a 'stop lying' look. I laughed "it's true mom it was funny." my mom rolled her eyes "hurry and get in the house you have school tomorrow!" she said to Mariah

"I'll be back I'm gonna go to Luke's for a little bit." I started to walk to Luke's when I saw a shadow standing in front of the yard. I stood there for a second trying to see who it was. "Daniel?!" I said starting to walk towards him again.

"oh hey Christina Luke's inside let me get him." Daniel walked inside not even a minute and you can already hear Luke yelling. "what the fuck you cunt! I heard you! jesus fuckin christ!"

I stood there laughin to myself rolling my eyes. "hey babe" I said as Luke looked at me smiling. "how was the concert?" I flashed back to when Harry kissed me. "um actually I need to tell you something."

I could feel myself tense up. "what is it?" he said looking at me with his big hazel eyes. "you know Harry? well he kissed me and now everyone thinks I'm his new girlfriend!" he laughed it off.

how can he be so calm? what happend to Luke? "why are you laughing Luke?" he stopped laughing "your serious?!" yes we got mobbed after the concert. Mariah thinks Harry likes me." I said giggling a little. 

Luke stood there in complete shock. "you know I don't know what to think but this is starting to make me think this isn't goin to work out." he starte to walk away. "I love you Luke. I don't wanna just end it this way." 

"how do you expect me to react Christina this is the last thing I want to happen after the whole Daniel thing I thought this time was going to be diffrent." I stood there tears starting to form in my eyes.

"then trust me. I know how much this hurts but I just wanted to tell you before you see something I'm the papers, on the news, or even on the Internet. I love you too much to hurt you." I started to walk back home by the time I had reached the door I knew that I had to get Harry to tell Luke that it meant nothing.

I walked up to my room and got my clothes to take a shower. I got my phone and went on twitter and decided to tweet Harry 

@Harry_Styles please follow me I need to ask you a favor...

with in minutes I had gotten a response...

@kikikins09 yea will do ;D

I couldn't help but laugh Harry is such a huge flirt. I got a notification saying '@Harry_Styles now follows you on twitter' I started to DM him and tell him what was going on.

to: Harry
I need you to talk to my boyfriend Luke and tell him that what happend today was part of the concert

to: kikikins
why what's going on?

to: Harry
I told him and now he thinks that I cheated on him :( I really love him and you and the guys are their idols please come and talk to him

to: kikikins
of course give me the address and I will be there tomorrow I will DM you and let you know when I'm there :)

to: Harry
thank you so much it means so much to me that you are doing this

to: kikikins 
your welcome anything to keep you 2 together :)
I knew that I was going to be good friends with Harry and Luke would forgive me and apologize for underestimating me. (yea right since when does Luke ever apologize for something!!??) 

hey guys sorry about this chapter I know it's short bu I promise the next one will be longer. I've just been so busy I hope you all read my new finished story I have coming out bothe on here and Movellas it's called 'The Birthday Wish' it took me almost a year to finish it. well comment and like vote if you want honestly idk what the votes do but please vote lol :) love you all ❤❤❤❤

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