The Call That Started It All


17. Chapter 13

we arrive at the areana, thousands of people had started to line up. "we can go in now." I said to Mariah as she started to get over excited. "YES!" she said practically screaming it. I laughed and shook my head. I showed the guards our backstage passes and they let us through.

"walk straight to the back and they will tell you where to go." he said as we walked through the gate. "thank you." we said synchronize then looking at each other smiling. "I can't believe we are going to meet the members of One Direction!" Mariah said grabbing my arm a tightly. 

"dude calm down" I said laughing "they are people just like you and me." she stopped walking and looked at me. "no they are not like you and me. they are like the janoskians. but bigger." I rolled my eyes at her and started to walk ahead of her.

"can I see your passes please." the woman at the backstage entrance said as we walked up. I nodde and showed her my pass and Mariah did the same. "to the left." she said pointing back to the stage. 

we walked straight to the back and saw about 2 dozon more girls waiting to meet the boys. I looked at my phone to see the time it was an hour before the show. I text Luke to let him know I got to the arena okay. he sent back a text saying 'glad to hear it see you later have fun ;)' 

girls started to scream. that only meant one thing. the boys were coming out of the room to see their fans. "look their's Liam!" Mariah said yelling in my ear. one of them started to make their way towards us.

"hello love." I was completely lost for words not only was I meeting the hottest boy band in the world but I was meetin one of the boys I had grown to love. "hello Harry." I said with a smile. he looked at me with his emerald green eyes and his cheeky smile.

"how are you doing?" he asked as he signed a few things for Mariah. "I'm fine how are you?" I asked smiling wider than usual. "better now." he looked at me and winked. I swear I could have fainted but I had someone on my mind the minute I looked away.

"what's your name love!?" Mariah looked at me giggling "her name is Christina and she loves you and Louis. she can't decide which one of you to chose from." I looked at Mariah my eyes wide. I couldn't believe what had just come out of her mouth.

"oh that's cute. LOU' COME HERE!" next thing you know here comes Louis. "what's up mate?!" he said smiling at Harry. "Christina here can't choose between us." Louis looked at me eyes wide with his jaw dropped. "what!? you have to pick me!" 

I laughed looking at Mariah then back at the guys. "um sorry I can't choose. plus I have a bf." they looked at each other. "aaawwww!" they said in unison. "well the guy that caught you is a lucky bloke." (bloke is the British term for man/guy...don't get confused lol) I smiled and blushed.

"thank you. um would you mind taking a picture with me. the both of you?" the laughed "of course we live for this shit! we love our fans!!" they each stood one on each side and Mariah took my phone. "okay say one direction!" she said as she took the picture.

before the flash went off the boys kissed my cheek Harry on the right and Louis on the left. I had the biggest smile on my face. "thank you so much" I said as I hugged them. they made their way back to the other fans. Liam, Zayn, and Niall came to us next. 

"omg kika here comes Lili!" she said grabbing my arm. "hello ladies. how are you this evening?" Zayn said winking at us. I laughed "um we are great thanks how about yourself?" it sort of seemed like I was going to be doing all the talkin with these guys.

"I'm good just ready to do the show is all." he said with a little giggle.(do guys even giggle?!?) then walked up a very handsome Liam and smiley Niall. "hello my crazy mofos!" Mariah totally fan girled and screamed. all I could do was laugh. "what's so funny?!" he asked with a serious face.

"I'm so sorry. I've never seen my sister this excited about anything in her life." Niall looked at me and laughed then Liam smiled and looked at Zayn. "will you take a picture with me?!" Mariah asked loudly.

they all nodded and Liam held his hand up to her back and Niall kissed her cheek and Zayn smiled and looked towards mariah. "say cheese everyone!" I took the picture ad soo. after the guys moved along. 

"omg Liam touched me! he actually touched me!!!" I started to laugh a little and looked at Mariah rolling my eyes. we walked out from behind the stage to where our seats were.

we stood there front row looking at the stage. I sent a picture of it to Luke and the rest of the guys 'Wish you could be here :)' i wanted to share this expierence with the guys I learned to love. 

'wish we were there too -Luke' I smiled knowing that no matter what I had the guy I loved waiting for me when I got home. "now give it up for One Direction!!!!" all the girls started screaming the first song they sang was 'WMYB' "everyone put their hands together!" Harry yelled as the crowd did exactly what they were told.

then Harry saw me and pulled me on stage. there I was standing in front of millions of girls. Harry standing in front of me singing "Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell..."

I blushed as his forehead touched mine. he pecked my lips and winked at me. "You don't know oh oh! You don't know your beautiful!" they all sang to me coming up to me and giving me hugs. I was blushing and smiling I had never been pulled up on stage.

after that I started to laughed. "let's give it up for our friend..." then Louis added "Harry'a new girlfriend!" "Christina!" I walked off and went back to my seat. Mariah was screaming "Luke is going to be so jealous!!" I rolled my eyes.

it was getting to the end of the show and the last song they performed was (drum roll please!) Best Song Ever! cause we danced all night to the best song ever! (lol) Mariah and I jumped to the beat of the song singing along cause we knew all the words.

"thank you do much Australia! We love you!" the boys turned back and looked at the crowed Zayn winked, Liam did his famous 1-2-3-flick thing, Niall laughed and smiled, Louis blew a kiss with a wink, and Harry help up his hand like a phone and looked right at me mouthing 'Call Me!' and smiled a cheeky smile.

I laughed and playfully rolled my eyes. as soon as the boys left the stage Mariah and I started to talk again. "that was the best concert ever!" I nodded in response. "I think someone has a crush on you though." she said elbowing my arm.

"pft no! he's just being Harry! the flirty one." she shook her head "not even. the whole time he sang Kiss You he was staring at you." I laughed and blushed walking back to the car we were singing Best Song Ever. we started to pull out when all of a sudden we were mobbed. "what the frick!?!"

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