The Call That Started It All


14. Chapter 11

I sighed thinking 'why me!' "Yes James she is." He sighed. "Well why doesn't she do it herself?" I looked around panicing about what to say. "She's just really emotional over this she doesn't think it will work since your so far away." 

I smiled 'wow that was a good save'. "Well can you tell her I would like to speak to her." I shook my head. 'Ugh you moron he can't see you'. "No she cried herself to sleep."

"Okay tell her thanks for being so nice about it." I could hear the sarcasm in his voice. "Bye James." He hung up. I sat there on my bead thinking 'I just broke up with my sisters bf.' 

She walked in my room. "Did you do it?" I looked up at her and nodded. "I feel super bad about this. You should have been the one to tell him." "I could never do something like that." 

I shook my head "it's better to be honest with that person then just lie. I hate lying and you know that." She laughed. "It's not funny." I said walking out of my room.

"I'm going for a walk." Mariah walked back to her room and turned on her music. I walked down stairs and grabbed my jacket and walked out the door.

Instead of walking towards Luke's I walked the opposite way. Thinking of how bad I felt. I heard some foot steps coming from behind me. I wanted to stop and turn but my fear wouldn't allow me.

"Hey good looking." The voice said from behind me. "Look I don't know who you are but I have a bf and he will kick you ass." He laughed. My eyebrows furrowed as I tuned.

"Luke! What the hell are you doing?" I said laughing holding my hand up to my chest. "I saw you leave your house. I didn't want anything to happen to you." I smiled as he walked up to me.

"You didn't call me like you said." I nodded. "I know I'm sorry. I had to do something for mariah." He nodded asking "what was it?" I closed my eyes and started to tear up a little. "I broke up with her bf for her she says she loves Skip." 

Luke looked at me laughing a little. We had arrived at a park and sat there for a few minutes and talked. "Why are you laughing?" "Well Skip likes Mariah too. When he heard that she had a bf it broke his heart." 

I looked at Luke still a little confused. "But what I did was wrong. I should have let Mariah talk and explain why she wanted to break up with him." 

He looked at me and hugged me. "Your a great sister. For doing that." I smiled and laughed. "Really Luke?" I got up and started to walk away.

He pulled my arm wrapping his around my waist. "Babe, you are so cute when your mad." He said laughing. "Thanks I try." I said looking him in the face.

He pulled me in and kissed me. I pulled away from him and smiled. "You know I really never thought that we, me and you, would end up together. I thought we would only be friends."

We stood there in the park hugging when my phone went off. I got a text from my mom •where are you?• I laughed. "Who is that?" Luke asked. "Oh it's my mom she's asking where I'm at."

He took my phone and started to text my mom. "What are you telling her?!" Trying to look per his shoulder we sent the message. It read •this is her boyfriend Luke she's in good hands can't wait to meet you mom :D• 

I laughed and playfully hit Luke on the shoulder. "Your such a dork!" Now I knew my mom was gonna wanna meet him. "What your mom is gonna love me." He said smiling. "Wait till you meet my dad!" 

We walked back home, once we reached my house my mom was there standing outside waiting for me and Luke to walk up. "Ugh you know this is torture for me right." I said with a serious look.

We walked up to my mom. "Who is this young man?" My mom said smiling. "Mom this is Luke Brooks." He walked up and hugged my mom. "It's nice to meet you." He said.

"It's nice to meet you as well Luke." My mom said hugging back. Luke kissed my lips and started to walk away. "See you tomorrow." I walked inside and up to my room.

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