The Call That Started It All


12. Chapter 10

I was driving and pulled over to stop and look at Luke. "Are you serious? Mariah just said what tomorrow was." We all laughed. Then Mariah spoke "we are going to see One Direction tomorrow." 

Luke looked at me as I started to drive again. Heading back to the house. "Oh that's cool." I nodded "yea it was to get this one here to come out here." I said leaning my head towards Mariah. The guys laughed and Daniel asked "what made you not wanna come?" 

She looked at me. "We'll I have a boyfriend and I didn't want to leave him." Daniel got quiet. I decided on changing the subject. "Hey Luke wanna take me to get my new car tomorrow my dad and stepmom bought one for me." 

I smiled looking the the mirror at Luke as he nodded. We finally made it home to Mariah running inside. "She looks like something is bothering her." James said looking at me. "Yea I better go see what it is." 

I walked over and gave all the guys hugs and kisses on the cheek. But when it came to Luke I didn't know what to do so I hugged him and whispered "I will call you later. K" he nodded and smiled as I walked away.

I walked up to see Mariah. "Hey sis are you okay?" She shook her head no. "What's wrong?" She started to cry. "It's just I miss James and I don't know what to do about my feelings." I looked at her "what feelings? You love James and no matter what he will always be yours." 

"That's where your wrong. I don't mean my feelings for James I mean for Skip. I love him." My eyes grew wide. "What are you going to do about James then?" I asked. "We'll I was hoping you could help me with that." 

I shook my head "no I'm not going to break up with him for you." "Please kika I need this." I shook my head "no! No! Mm mm. No. N-O spells no." She started to cry more. "Ugh fine but this is the last time I do this for you." 

She got up and hugged me. "Thank you. Thank you!" I went to my room and put my hand on my forehead. "What am I going to tell him?" I started to think then called. "Hello?" He said on the other end. 

"Hey James. It's Mariah's sister Christina." "Oh hey what's going on. How's my princess doing out there?" I sighed. "Um actually I'm calling to talk about that. You see she..." He cut me off. "She's breaking up with me isn't she."

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