Not So Alone-The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Kayla Johnson has lived in the woods all by herself since the zombie apocolypse has begun. One day,while hunting for some game,she meets a girl with the name of Sophia. Sophia was chased by a walker and got lost in the woods. Kayla finds Sophia and brings her back to her group. Luckily,they let Kayla tag along with them. Kayla starts to become alliances with people in the group and finds her family. Not by blood,but by heart. She becomes not so alone.


7. Snitch

Daryl's P.O.V.

     I woke up to see Kayla asleep in my arms. Last night when I told her how I felt about her I got a little worried. She didn't say anything and we just kept quiet until we fell asleep. I pray that she doesn't hate me or anything. I slowly got out of the bed trying not to wake Kayla. I put on my shirt and went outside. I hope that things between Kayla and I don't start to get awkward because I really do like her and what we have already is so great. I'd just hate it to be ruined. When I walked outside towards the camp,my side started hurting a little. I went to my tent and lied down. I can't wait for this to heal already!

Kayla's P.O.V.
     The rest of the night Daryl and I stayed quiet and fell asleep. The next morning I got out of the bed to find myself alone. I went into Beth's room where she was."Hey,do you mind if I borrow some clothes? I wanna take a quick shower."I said and Beth smiled."No problem. Take whatever you like."she said. I looked through her drawers and picked an outfit. I left the room and went upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out I put on the outfit. I walked in the kitchen and grabbed an apple."Good morning."I called to Patricia, Maggie,Hershel,and Beth then went outside to our camp.
      Before I can clear up what's going on with Daryl;I need to make sure Carl told Rick about Sophia. I walked up to Carl and Lori who were feeding the chickens on the farm."So Carl,did you tell your dad what happened to Sophia?"I asked. Carl looked shocked and Lori looked confused."What is she talking about Carl?"Lori asked Carl. Carl stood quietly staring at the ground."You didn't."I sighed."Well then I guess I'll just do it myself."I said and walked towards Rick. Carl didn't even try to stop me. Lori was still confused."Rick,Carl lied about Sophia."I said. Rick looked at me like I was crazy."How do you know?"he asked. "He told me what really happened. Carl has a gun and was practicing his shooting and decided to bring Sophia along. They got surrounded by walkers and one attacked Sophia. She isn't missing. She's dead."I said. I didn't know Lori and Carl were behind me until Rick looked at him behind me. I walked away from Rick."Snitch."Carl whispered to me."Twat."I whispered back to him.

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