Not So Alone-The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Kayla Johnson has lived in the woods all by herself since the zombie apocolypse has begun. One day,while hunting for some game,she meets a girl with the name of Sophia. Sophia was chased by a walker and got lost in the woods. Kayla finds Sophia and brings her back to her group. Luckily,they let Kayla tag along with them. Kayla starts to become alliances with people in the group and finds her family. Not by blood,but by heart. She becomes not so alone.


4. Scars

Kayla's P.O.V.
     After the ceremony everyone went inside. I went inside and walked up to Hershel."I just want to say thank you for saving my life yesterday. I'm sorry about what happened to Otis but I'm very grateful that he risked his life for just some stranger. He truly is an amazing person. Also thank you for letting us stay in your home."I said to Hershel."Otis truly was an amazing person. And you're very welcome. It's my job."Hershel said. Now that we are in a house with other people,maybe I can finally have some fresh food. It's been a while. Maybe I can also have a shower,too. I walked into the kitchen. There was a basket of fruit on the table."Do you mind if I take an apple?"I asked a woman that was in the kitchen. "Sure. You can take a shower if you want. You can borrow some of Beth's clothes. My name is Patricia by the way. That's Beth and Maggie."Patricia said and pointed to the two girls sitting at the table. I looked at Beth."So do you have any clothes I can borrow?"I asked. Beth smiled and nodded."I'll show you my room."she said and led me to her room. I looked through her closet and picked out an outfit. Beth showed me where the bathroom was and left me there. I set the clothes down. I turned on the warm water. I took off my shirt and bra then the door opened and closed quickly. I am praying whoever was about to come in didn't see the scars on my back.
Daryl's P.O.V.
      I closed the door as fast as possible. I did for 2 reasons. The first on is that Kayla was in there. The second reason was because she didn't have a shirt on. But I saw those scars on her back. They looked really painful. She must've been abused bad as a child. I felt so sorry for her. During the ceremony I put my arm around Kayla because when I was talking to her she looked upset. I just wanted her to feel safe. I didn't know she's been this way all her life.
Kayla's P.O.V.
     After the shower I put on the clothes Beth lent me. I'm amazed that they actually fit me. Well,I'm pretty short for my age so I can't be all that surprised. I was still pretty spooked about who came in the bathroom. I went up to Beth's room to ask her. I sat on her bed next to her."After you left the bathroom did you see anyone go upstairs?"I asked. Beth thought then said,"Yeah I think the guy's name is Daryl."she said. No. God no. Daryl saw my scars.

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