Not So Alone-The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Kayla Johnson has lived in the woods all by herself since the zombie apocolypse has begun. One day,while hunting for some game,she meets a girl with the name of Sophia. Sophia was chased by a walker and got lost in the woods. Kayla finds Sophia and brings her back to her group. Luckily,they let Kayla tag along with them. Kayla starts to become alliances with people in the group and finds her family. Not by blood,but by heart. She becomes not so alone.


5. Lost Again

Kayla's P.O.V.
     That evening Patrica,Lori,and Maggie cooked dinner. We all ate in silence. From time to time Daryl and I exchanged glances. I tried to ignore the fact that he might've seen my scars. If he did see then what would he think of me? Would he feel bad? Would he be creeped out and never talk to me again? These thoughts are killing me. After dinner,the group went out to the camp they set up. I sat on the porch for a few minutes watching the sunset."Pretty,ain't it?"I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around to see Daryl."Yeah it is."I said. Daryl sat down next to me."If you're wondering,yeah I saw the scars on your back."Daryl said. I sighed and nodded."Yeah I asked Beth and she said it was you who went to the bathroom."I said. Daryl looked at me and half smiled."You aren't alone. I know what you went through. Just be glad it's over."Daryl said. He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek. I rested my head on his shoulder."Why are you so nice to me? You don't have to be so nice all the time."I said. Daryl looked into my eyes and chuckled."I guess there's something special about you."he said. Hand in hand,we walked to the camp and slept in a tent.
      The next morning,nobody knows the entire story but Carl and Sophia went out in the woods and out of the blue Sophia went missing. What's up with this girl and getting lost? Carl says she was right next to her and the next minute she was gone. Immediately Rick,Shane,and Daryl started planning search routes. When they were all gone I went into the RV where Carol was. She was sitting on the sofa crying. I sat next to her and hugged her."I'm so sorry Carol. It's sad that you lost your daughter,got her back, rand lost her again. But don't worry Carol. We'll find her."I said. Carol calmed down after a few minutes."I need you to promise me we'll find her."Carol said still crying."That's not something I can promise you but I believe that we will find her."I said. I hugged Carol one more time then left the RV. I walked over to Carl who was sitting under a tree with a stick poking the ground."Hey Carl. I gotta talk to you." I walked over to Carl and sat next to him. "What exactly happened to Sophia? I can tell you were pretty hesitant when your old man asked about Sophia. Just tell me."I said. Carl sighed then told me the story.
Carl's P.O.V.
      Sophia and I walked through the woods together. I just want to practice my shooting by killing some walkers out here. I don't know why but Sophia wanted to tag along. At least I had some company. We walked quietly around together then suddenly we were surrounded by walkers. I started shooting as many walkers as possible. One walker started to get close to Sophia. I tried shooting it but I was out of ammo. It bit Sophia's neck and she screamed in pain. My only option was to run for my life. As much as I want to save Sophia; it's too late."I'm sorry Sophia."I whispered to her already dead body and ran as fast as I could out the forest.

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