Not So Alone-The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Kayla Johnson has lived in the woods all by herself since the zombie apocolypse has begun. One day,while hunting for some game,she meets a girl with the name of Sophia. Sophia was chased by a walker and got lost in the woods. Kayla finds Sophia and brings her back to her group. Luckily,they let Kayla tag along with them. Kayla starts to become alliances with people in the group and finds her family. Not by blood,but by heart. She becomes not so alone.


3. How'd You Do It?

Kayla's P.O.V.
     I woke up with the sun shining on my face. I slowly opened my eyes. I looked around my surroundings. I was in a room on a bed. I've never seen this place before. It felt strange to me. I was brought out of my thoughts when the door opened. Daryl came in the room and sat in a chair next to the bed."Well it's good you're awake."he said."Where the hell am I?" I asked."Shane said you got shot and you were brought here."he said. When he said "shot" my eyes widened. I looked down to see a bandage around my chest. Obviously they had to take my shirt off to put the bandage. So did they see my scars? My parents used to beat and whip me as a child and left some permanent marks. Those scars have made me who I am, though. Because of my scars I've learned not to trust anyone and to never let my guard down. The downside of it all is that because of the way I was nobody wanted to be my friend. All I had was myself. I pushed that thought aside. My childhood isn't my favorite thing to talk about."I have to ask you something."Daryl said. I nodded for him to continue. "How did you survive in the woods for this long?"he asked. Looks like I gotta tell him my story."Well I lived near the woods all my life so I taught myself how to hunt. In the basement of my house my old man kept all his weapons so I took some for myself. I played a lot of video games so I know how to kill zombies. But if you wanna know how I kept walkers away at night then lets just say I'm really lucky to be a light sleeper."I said. Daryl seemed surprised by that little short story. As long as he doesn't ask about my childhood. Then I'm screwed."You seem like a pretty tough person."Daryl said smirking. I chuckled."Well just don't trust no one and never let your guard down. You'll live."I said. Then Rick came in the room. "Glad to see you're awake."he said to me. I half smiled at him."So I talked to Hershel and he's considering on letting us stay here."Rick said."Speaking of staying,am I also gonna stay here with you people?"I asked."Only if you want."Rick said. I smiled and nodded my head."Hershel said you weren't seriously injured so you can get up."Rick said to me. I nodded my head. Daryl and Rick left the room and I was left alone. I got up and went outside. Everyone was standing around in front of a pile of rocks. Daryl saw me and signaled me to come over which I did. I stood next to Daryl and he put his arm around me. It was kinda weird but I felt kinda safe. As if he actually cared for me.

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