Not So Alone-The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Kayla Johnson has lived in the woods all by herself since the zombie apocolypse has begun. One day,while hunting for some game,she meets a girl with the name of Sophia. Sophia was chased by a walker and got lost in the woods. Kayla finds Sophia and brings her back to her group. Luckily,they let Kayla tag along with them. Kayla starts to become alliances with people in the group and finds her family. Not by blood,but by heart. She becomes not so alone.


1. Found Sophia

Kayla's P.O.V. 
      I walked through the woods hunting for food. Hopefully I would catch a squirrel or a bird. But I have to be careful not to attract any walkers. I kept walking until I heard a sound. It wasn't a walker. It sounded very human-like. I wasn't gonna take any chances though. I pointed my crossbow to where the sound was coming from. The closer I got the sound got louder. Then I saw the person making the noise. A little girl was sitting near the river crying. I put my crossbow down. I walked over to her."Are you ok?"I asked her. She looked up at me startled."I was chased by a walker and now I can't find my way back to my group."she said."Do you know where your group is?"I asked. She nodded her head."On the highway."she said. I picked her up from the ground."I'll take you back to your group."I said. As I walked,the little girl started getting heavier. I looked to see that she fell asleep. Then finally I saw the highway. Before I had reached it I heard some voices. Then I heard someone talking about a little girl named Sophia. Maybe this girl is Sophia. I walked up to the people talking."Is anyone looking for this little girl?"I asked. The group of people looked at me."Sophia!"one woman said in tears. She took Sophia from my arms and hugged her. Sophia woke up from her nap and embraced the woman. A man came up to me."Who are you?"he asked and pointed his gun at me."Go ahead. Shoot me. I don't got much to live for. And it's Kayla."I said."Do you have people?"he asked. I shook my head no. The man put his gun down."Do you have any weapons?"he asked."My crossbow and a knife."I said. The man stuck his hand out for me to shake;which I did. "My name's Rick. This is Lori, Carl, Shane,Dale,Andrea,Daryl,Carol, T-Dog,Glenn,and Sophia."he said introducing me to everyone.


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