hi . im Brittany. nobody really knows me, because im the shy one in class. I only had 1 best friend , niall horan, but he left for the x-factor a few months ago and hes in a really big band called one direction. I don't like them, Niall said he would never forget me, but when I try to get in contact with him, its like he ignores me. so, heres my story.


2. facing niall

brittanys pov


my alarm went off to the song best song ever. fine. I really do like one direction .. just not niall. I groaned and rolled out of bed and took a shower. i put on some other pajamas and went downstairs to eat and realized i have 4 hours. so, i turned on my tv and ate some cereal and when i was done, i still had about 3 hours left. i got dressed and put this on. (sorry if u cant see it. im new at this,)

i went to starbucks and went to work. i was there early so i got to help set up the stage. one hour passed and the boys arrived. yippee...

i turned on my happy face and greeted them.

'hello boys ! welcome to Madison square garden ! im Brittany and i will be keeping u entertained until u perform. if you will follow me, ill show you to your dressing room.' i said in a happy tone, not making eye contact with niall.

i turned around and heard niall whispering to the others. i ignored it and went to the dressing room. i opened the door and held it open for them and niall kept looking at me. i hope he doesn't realize its me. im about to turn out to get some drinks for them when niall yells my name and runs and hugs me. great,

'I THOUGHT I'D NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!' he yelled so happy.

'im sorry, u are?' i said he had hurt in his eyes.

'your joking right? Brittany. i didn't forget about you !' he said, almost in tears.

'im sorry, ive never had a best friend. especially one who backstabbed me and never even thought about calling me.' i said in tears. i ran out of the room and heard niall yelling for me. he was a fast runner so i went into a janitors closet and locked myself in their. i heard all the boys yelling for me and banging on the door. i cried and cried and before u ask, i do cut. i always have. i keep a jacket in the janitors closet in case i cut and was wearing short sleeves. i grabbed a blade out of my purse as the boys were still yelling through the door. i cut about 4 times when i heard the lock breaking. niall stood there, with a hurt look, and just stared, same with the other boys.

''im so sorry" i whispered. he just grabbed a wash cloth and ran and wet it and came back. he wrapped it around my wrist and sat beside me and hugged me.

'Brittany. i would never EVER forget about u ! i would've called but , management made me change my number and i had so much on my mind, i forgot your number ! i would never do anything to hurt you ! ive missed you so much ! and, i love you' niall said . i was still crying.

'i love you too' i said, we always used to say that to eachother.

'NO! Brittany ! you don't get it ! i don't love you like a friend anymore ! ive been IN LOVE with you ! like, more than friends ! this will probably ruin our friendship but i had to say tha-' he was cut off by me smashing my lips onto his. we kissed for a few seconds when Louis yelled 'EWWWWWWWWW ! GET A ROOM YOU TWO LOVE CARROTS!'

'love carrots ?' I asked. he just nodded, quite pleased with his new creation. oh well. me and niall were officially going out, and i loved him to pieces !

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