The Life Of Kat Davis

Hello Julia,
Today was the worst. The bullying is getting more harsh and my friends are starting to be mean.

Eric is ignoring me more lately. I think he's cheating on me. Well I'll talk more later.

Love, Kat.


3. Don't Hurt Us!

OK, hey guys. So Hailey Has diary too. So half of this is hers.

Julia: Kat

Dear Diary: Hailey


Dear Diary,

Kat's been gone for a long time. If she doesn't come home soon, I better go get her. I hope she's having a blast with her friends. Ohh, I should start making the cake!


Love Hailey




Dear Julia,

And they took out...

a knife!

"We are going to make you pay, Kat!" Ross yelled.

"What did I ever do to you?" I whimpered.

"You stood me up. I was left alone dancing with myself. You promised to show up, but you lied!"

"I was really sick that night of the dance. And come on we were 8. I was scared to. How about I promise to go with you this year to the dance,"

"You promise?" He said putting the knife away.

"I promise," And they ran off.

"Kat!!" Rolanda screamed.

"What? He ran away,"

"What about Eric?"

"Omg! I forgot all about him! He's going to be mad,"

"Duh!" They all said together.

"let's just go guys,"

We walked off. I still had a cut on my stomach, from the knife.



Dear Diary,

I have finished the cake! Kat should be home by now. I'm going to pick her up in a minute. I have to hide the cake now.

OK, let's go pick up Kat now.

"I'm home!" Kat screamed.

"Hi Kat. Why are you so late?"

"I lost track of time," I knew she was lying. But I let it slide.

"Hey Hailey. Can I have a plaster?" She said as she lifted her shirt. I saw a big cut. And it was bleeding!

"Of course Kat!" I said and walked off an got one.


Dear Julia,

I couldn't tell her about Ross. She would be so mad and kill Ross herself. Wait, that's a good idea, right? No, I couldn't. Ross was a nice guy, till I hurt his feelings.


Love you,

Kat. :-)


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