The Life Of Kat Davis

Hello Julia,
Today was the worst. The bullying is getting more harsh and my friends are starting to be mean.

Eric is ignoring me more lately. I think he's cheating on me. Well I'll talk more later.

Love, Kat.


2. Birthday!

Hello Julia!

Today's my birthday. I'm not going to do much, but hang out with my friends. Here's how this morning went...

"Happy Birthday, Kat!" Hailey said. I opened my eyes and saw Hailey holding out a present. I smiled at her and grabbed the box.

"What is it?" I said as I shook it gently.

"Just open it," Hailey said. I ripped the wrapping paper off and opened the lid.

"Oh Hailey! I love it," I said as i hugged it. It was a huge teddy bear.

"Thanks Hailey. OK I'm going to get dressed now, OK," And Hailey walked out.

I jumped out of bed and put on a cute pink dress with black pumps. I curled my hair and did my makeup. Running to the other end of the room, I grabbed my phone and messaged all my friends.

Hey guys, meet you all at the mall in ten ;-)

I grabbed my purse and ran out the door, with a goodbye for Hailey.


"Hey guys!" I said when I got there.

"Hey Kat. Happy birthday!" They all said, and handed me some presents. I got a necklace with my name on it, a pink pair of ballerina shoes, a new phone cover and a new one piece top-shorts.

"Thanks guys. I love you!" I said and had a group hug.


"OMG, I love that new dress you brought," said Mina as we walked out of Supre.

As we walked towards the food court, we were stopped and pushed into a closed up shop.

"What are you doing?" I screamed.

"Who are you?" Jackie yelled. They people uncovered our eyes. We saw that it was Ross and his crew.

"We told you we would get you, Kat."

And they took out.....


Ha! cliffhanger! guess what they pulled out and if you get it right, you will be in my story.

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