Trust the Author


1. .


New faces

everyone smiling


people being nice

people with helping hands

Hands to grasp me, to

flounder me with words


But the only hands I need holding me

have already let go


Stop! I want to cry out

But just like my dreams, my words are useless.  

The letters soon scattered across a world that I use to know


Sweat drips downs my back as theses new hands thrust me into 

a wave pool of timid eyes, shifty hands, uncertain voices.

A void hollowed down my soul starts to gnaw at my heart


But soon like a draught, rain floods the earth

The eyes sparkle, hands wave and voices are founded on friendships



This precious, nerve-racking time

where the hands of the clock 

continue to move with each stumble or fall 

we take.


So hold on,

don’t lose the grasp of one who cares

of the King who commands it all

To the friend who is always there. 


Here is the new book 

on your life

open it up

read the first chapter,

explore the new possibilities

Trust the Author. 



















~ College


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