Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


7. Ch 6

At six am I was up, out and running like I always did in the mornings. It was Sunday and in a few hours I would be going to church, then to help Elizabeth. 

I rounded my final corner and noticed a bunch of guys hanging out by the beach entrance I lived near. 

"Tomlinson!" They laughed, seeing me. 

"Um, hey!" I smiled weakly realizing it was my friends. 

"You weren't at the graveyard last night, so we came looking for you." Stan said. 

"Oh? And did you find me?" I challenged. 

"No, sadly we didn't. But we all had a good idea of who you were with." He continued. 

"Elizabeth wouldn't talk to me because of that comment I made." I shrugged, it wasn't a lie technically. 

"But you tried to get her to forgive you?" Stan raised his eyebrows. 

"Sure, she's nice, I wouldn't want to upset her." 

They pondered over my comment, but I just said goodbye and finished up my run, unsure who to side with. 





What was wrong with me. One second I was head over heels for Elizabeth, and the next it was like she was an alien that I didn't even want to look at. In the kitchen I hopped up onto the counter and took a bite of an apple. I heard giggles and smirked, realizing it was my sisters. 

"Phoebs?" I asked, trying to figure out where she was hiding. 

"Daisy?" I called out when Phoebe didn't respond.

"There under the table." Charlotte rolled her eyes. She was at the stage where she sometimes wanted nothing to do with them. 

"Really? I don't see them." I lied, playing along with the twins. I tiptoed around the room peeking in closets and under couches, sighing and pretending not to her their wild laughter. 

Out of nowhere Felicite jumped onto my back, actually scaring me to death. 

"Fe! You gave me a heart attack!" I laughed, grabbing her waist and pulling her around to face me so I could tickle her. 

"I scared you!" She giggled proudly as the twins emerged and started to tickle me. It turned into a full out tickle ambush on me, even Lottie joined in. I rolled around the floor, howling with laughter as my sisters attacked me with their soft tickles. 

"Lou?" My mum called out.

"Yeah?" I yelled back up the stairs, pulling the girls off me and tossing them onto the couch.

"You got a call a little while ago." She said, making her way down the stairs. 


"That nice girl... Eleanor? Eliza?" 

"Elizabeth?" I raised an eyebrow my mother chuckled and nodded. This of course made my sisters squeal and ask me about my girlfriend.

"She's not my girlfriend." I smirked, for some reason I wished that she was. 

"Louis has a girlfriend! Louis has a girlfriend!" Phoebe sang around the house. I ran at her and scooped her up, flinging her over my shoulder, ignoring her crazy laughter. I jogged upstairs with her on my back, the other girls chasing me demanding I let her go. 


"Hey Elizabeth? Heard you called." I called her back once my sisters got bored of our little game and went to color down in the basement. 

"Yeah! Hey, Lou." I could hear the grin in her voice. 

"What's up?" I smirked, ignoring everything my mind was telling me. Instead, I was following what my heart was telling me. 

"You promised that we could finish up our conversation from last night today." She threw out. 

"Did I?" I challenged. 

"Yeah, and I'd really like to hang out with you. Plus my dad is about to leave so you think you could be at my house in like fifteen minutes?" She whispered. It sounded hot...

"Ok." I blurted, pretty much ready to run to her house. 

"Good." She was smiling. So was I.

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