Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


5. Ch 4

In the next two weeks my life returned to normal and Elizabeth Clarke was practically forgotten, except during stupid choir class. 


Well, anyways, one Saturday sometime afterwards Stan and I were back at the graveyard hanging out with some other guys. I still was in my usual spot, but rather than enjoying myself and jumping in the conversation I couldn't help but wonder why we chose to hang out here of all places? I guess it was because some of the statues were cool, or the eerie feel to the grounds, or the thrill of trespassing. All those were true, but deep down I knew that it was so that no one we didn't like would find us, that would just annoy us... Well, them. I realized that I wouldn't mind a change in scenery or friends. Quietly I took a swig of my beer and felt it run down my throat slowly as I swallowed. I listened to their stupid conversations about hot girls and what not, acting like I was interested, but trust me I was not. 

"So, Louis the leader," Stan slurred, I cringed at the nickname, "How was your date with Elizabeth Clarke?" This of course got the guys to snicker slightly, but I just shrugged. 

"It was ok."

"Only ok?" Stan teased. 

I shrugged again and took another sip of beer. 

"C'mon, Lou, enlighten us, share the details." Stanley laughed. 

"I brought her there and I brought her back." I answered stupidly.

"No goodnight kiss?" He mimicked puckering up with his lips. 

"Ha ha. No." I rolled my eyes, he took a smoke as I answered. He was always the druggie of the group, no one knew where or how he got the stash, but he never failed to have a full bag on graveyard nights. 

"I thought that after she helped you clean up the bathroom you would at least give her a goodnight kiss." Stan snickered to himself, the other guys looked unsure what to say, so they just watched us. 

"I didn't try, she's not like that." I responded honestly, accidentally defending her. 

"I think you like her!" Stan accused. 

"Bull shit." I rolled my eyes. 

Stan and the lot didn't look to sure. I knew I was in the red alert zone. 

"I just went out with her to make her feel special, charity work." I shrugged. 

This broke the tension, they chuckled at my new "do good" ways. I laughed along nervously, happy that battle was out of the way... For now. 

The conversation picked up and I pitched in comments every once in a while, but with no emotion, for my mind was set elsewhere. I couldn't stop thinking about what Stan had said about me and Elizabeth... It got me thinking, and boy that was never good. 

The truth was that Elizabeth was probably the best date for what I went through that night. Not many people in the world would've done what she did. At the same time, her being a good date didn't mean I liked her or anything... Ew no. I barely talk with her outside of choir, and even during choir it's only a few words at most. I tried to convince myself of why I didn't like her. If I did I would talk to her, take her out more, offer to walk her home, or take her back to Maggie Moos (that little ice cream place). I didn't want to do that. I didn't like her, that I was almost positive. 





Sometime later that week I was hanging out at Paradise Cafe, eating some French fries with some of my teammates and some girls (not Elizabeth so you know). Anyhow, we were laughing and having a good time, when no other than Elizabeth freakin Clarke herself strolled through the door. 


"In comes the money maker." Georgia giggled quietly, making a bunch of us snicker. 

I watched in horror as she came over to my table, how great. 

"Hi Louis." She smiled at me before continuing, "Hi, Stanley, Georgia, Avery, and Jason." They all mumbled "hellos" and looked at their feet, somewhat ashamed to be drinking beer in front of her, since she was so religious and all. 

"What brings you around, Elizabeth?" Jason asked somewhat amused. 

"Oh, I was just in the neighborhood." 

This made us all look at each other, completely confused, Elizabeth Clarke was never "just in the neighborhood." 

"Oh, how nice." Stan smirked, nudging me. I raised an eyebrow as he gave me a look that basically said, "get her outta here."

"Well, it was nice talking." I said half heartedly. 

"One other thing!" She said quickly.  

"I was just gonna remind you to go over your lines, the duet is always tricky, never easy to memorize the day before." Crap. My face was probably the color of a tomato when she said this. 

"Louis! You're in the duet with Elizabeth? Why didn't you tell us?" Stan teased, mocking me completely. 

"Yeah! He's going to be amazing." Elizabeth answered for me, not catching his sarcastic tone. 

"I can't wait." He looked at me like I was a fly he was about to squish. 

"Sure it is, now bye!" I tried to shoo her off, but she wasn't done. 

"If you need help with lines or anything, I'm here to help!" Elizabeth squeaked. 

I knew that this would be my opportunity to recover, but looking at her face I couldn't bring myself to diss her. 

"Picture Cousin Agnes," I thought to myself. And I did, then I shrugged her off without even thinking.

"In your dreams." I rolled my eyes, turning from her, making it obvious I was done. That didn't stop me from catching a glimpse of her expression. Her eyes had widened in surprise? Anger? My heart fell as I realized that I just confirmed whatever she had thought about me. Great. 

"Ha! Louis still has it!" Stan burst into laughter as Elizabeth walked out. I laughed along, and joined in the conversation. The only problem was the feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me that I had just screwed up... Big time.





Later that day I drove to her house in a mad rush, some reason I couldn't help but feel awful. 

"She's not here, Louis." Her father greeted me with that, polite guy, isn't he? 

"Where is she?" 

"Probably the orphanage." Her father shrugged. 

I thanked him and ran back to the car. The orphanage? Really? I didn't care though, I went there instantly. 


"Elizabeth Clarke, you have a visitor at the front." The lady at the desk called into the intercom. 

She skipped into the lobby only minutes later, the smile on her face faltering. I could see pain written all over her features. 

"Look, just listen to me, please." I begged. 

"You wish." She rolled her eyes, turning around. I chased after her, grabbing her wrist. 

"Elizabeth, those guys are jerks. I know that I was acting like them when I said that today, but I swear I'm not." I told her. 

"Really?" She raised her eyebrows. 


"Prove it, spend the rest of the afternoon here, with me." Elizabeth said. 

"Um... Ok?" I accepted cautiously, unsure what we would be doing.



Author's Note:

Hey!! Hope you're enjoying this! What should Louis do? Give up everything for some strange but sweet girl? Or ditch her again to keep up his popular status?

I have big plans for this book so please get me more and more comments and favorites! Thank youuu! (PS more comments i get sooner i update)



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