Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


4. Ch 3

"Louis! Get your head in the game!" My coach roared. I groaned and licked the heavy beads of sweat off my upper lip. 

"Too busy thinking about Elizabeth?" Stan teased me. My eyes widened and I gasped. How did he know about that? 

"A little bird informed me. I'm expecting a good prank." He chuckled, assuming it was all a joke. But no matter how weird she was, I knew that some part of me didn't mind her company, therefore I would never do that. 






I had so much to do the day of the dance. First of all I was playing in the game, then I had to help decorate the gym with banners and lights for the big night, and then of course there was Elizabeth. 

Mr. Clarke had requested that I come early for the big night so he could "talk with me, man to man." Yeah, that's a direct quote from the guy. I had no clue why or what he wanted to talk about. Elizabeth had sprung that on me the day before and I can't say that the thought thrilled me... Not one bit. My basic outlook on the situation was he was going to sit me down, talk about good and evil, how we should always look to God (yeah he was like that, part time preacher or something), then end by making me swear to use protection if I was to do anything with his baby girl. Not that I would. All day I had said small prayers to avoid this conversation, but I really doubt that the big man up in the sky would bother replying with my past and all. 


Still, I had agreed and headed over there after the gym looked almost perfect, leaving the committee of girls and other people getting hours to finish it up. I took a nice short shower and put on my best suit. My mum gushed over me and took a few pictures and then she got all teary which made me frown. 

"I'm glad you found someone as lovely as Elizabeth, rather than Agnes." She whispered, dabbing at her cheeks. 

"Anything beats Agnes." I winked, kissing her cheek and driving over to Elizabeth's massive house. I took some weird way and got lost near the horse stables. Wearily, I got out and looked around. How the hell was I supposed to navigate through this place? With a groan I tried to google it, but nothing showed up except for Mr.

Clarke's company information, reminding me where I was supposed to be. 

"Louis?" A voice called out. I turned and tried not to let my jaw drop when I saw Elizabeth emerge from the stables. Wow... Never did I think I would actually wow Elizabeth Clarke. 


"Hello, I see you got lost." She pointed out. I gulped and nodded, trying to keep my eyes away from her body, and failed. 

First of all the best news of everything was the fact that her hair was out of that awful braid and curled around her face in a perfect natural way that brightened her entire smile. Her mouth was lined in a natural color and her eyes had a thick liner applied with mascara, making them appear more violet then ever. Of course once I started I couldn't stop, I trailed down the rest of her body in a daze. Her dress was a lovely lilac, very pretty with her eye color. It was form fitting until her mid thigh, where the entire dress puffed out around her perfectly. It was a complete transformation, and I was completely shocked. 

"It's best not to keep him waiting." She smiled quietly. I pulled myself together, quickly blushing and followed her inside. 




Mr. Clarke sat in a massive leather chair reading the newspaper while the fire lit and heated more than enough of the room. 

"Good evening, Mr. Tomlinson." He greeted me without looking up. 

"You can call me Louis." I suggested politely. 

"I understand you're taking my daughter to a dance tonight, Mr. Tomlinson?" He sighed, folding the paper shut. I nodded nervously and turned to look at Elizabeth, but she wasn't in the room. 

"I know that she is teased at school, and I know how you stand socially," Mr. Clarke looked me in the eye with an accusation, "but I am trusting that no practical jokes are planned?" 

"Of course not, sir!" I don't know why I called him sir, something was just saying that it was needed, "I know that the company I keep isn't the greatest, but I promise you that I'm not like them. I needed a date, I asked Elizabeth, that simple." I swore. 

"I hope." 

"You can trust me, Mr. Clarke." 

"No, I really don't think I can. You see, when Elizabeth told me I was shocked, somewhat angry even, but I trust her judgement. So... have a good time." He managed to get out. I waited for further restrictions, but none came... I thanked him and got up, seeing Elizabeth Clarke in the doorway. I smirked and offered my arm, leading us back through the stables, to my car, and then the dance. 






Before we got out of the car, I gave Elizabeth the corsage my mother had helped me pick out. I explained how to put it on which only earned me an eye roll and a sassy comment. 

"You know I'm not a total dimwit, Louis. I can put on a corsage." 

This somehow made me relaxed, I liked seeing this side of her, it was almost a reward for never pranking her like the other kids. 


I wish I could say that the night flew by fast, me getting around and talking with everyone while Elizabeth went and poured punch, but that's not at all what happened. Despite the fact that she was smoking hot tonight, people gave me funny looks and seemed amused that me of all people would take her... So, that left us together the entire night, alone. 

"This is really lovely." Elizabeth sighed, looking at the decorated ceiling as we slow danced together. I just shrugged. 

"You're unhappy to be here with me." She said. It wasn't an accusation, it wasn't a question, just a statement. 

"No... It's more my friends. I'm mad that they're being rude. You look--" I froze completely, not even bothering to finish the sentence. 

In walked Bethany (you know the one I was telling you about?) who was draped over James in the least 'G rated' way. He chuckled and grabbed her backside, making me angry. 

I didn't even think, I left Elizabeth and marched over to James. 

"Something the matter, high-schooler?" He chuckled.

At first I didn't know how to respond, all I knew was that I wanted him gone. Really far away. I wasn't sure if he would leave, but then an idea sparked in my head as I noticed some of the teachers nervously glancing at him. 

I leaned in and said, "If you don't leave now, I'll make a scene and say you're trying to sell me your stash." 

James's face purpled and he turned to Bethany, "Yeah high school dances suck anyway." 

She held onto him and whispered something, probably giving him sex as a reward or something like that. Patiently I waited as Bethany yelled at me for threatening James. I spent that time checking her out, her blonde hair was straightened the way she always wore it to parties and such, her eyes were framed in loads of makeup but still didn't come close to Elizabeth's. I lost my train of thought, comparing the two girls, and for some reason my mind was telling me Elizabeth was the better option.  

"Never mind with you two... It's not worth it." I shrugged, turning and walking away. James ended up leaving only minutes later, uncomfortable with the situation. 


"So that was your ex girlfriend?" Elizabeth asked. I nodded with a shrug.  

"You still like her?" 

"I used to... Not so much anymore." I sighed, what was going on with me. 

"Oh. Right before you went over there you were gonna say something about how I looked?" Elizabeth continued. 

"Right. Well, erm, you look really pretty, Elizabeth. Your eyes especially." I confessed. 

She blushed and rested her head on my shoulder as we spun around the dance floor. What was happening to me?


Seconds later Elizabeth and I watched, me somewhat amused as Beth ran to the bathroom. The two glasses of spiked punch had obviously gotten to her. Elizabeth, being the good person she was, followed and dragged me along. Bethany, talented girl that she was, managed to spew up punch everywhere around the floor, avoiding most of the toilet. 

"Bethany?" Elizabeth called out gently. Beth turned, face red with embarrassment seeing both of us here. Elizabeth smiled and rubbed Beth's back comfortingly as I ran to find Stan to cover the entrance as we mopped up the floor. 

And that was how I ended up spending the dance in my best navy blazer, on my hands and knees in the girls bathroom, wiping up my ex girlfriend's vomit all because my date was an unannounced saint. 






"Thanks, Louis." Bethany mumbled weakly an hour or so later when everyone was leaving. I shrugged and couldn't help but look at Elizabeth. 

"Um, I'm sorry about the shit he said about you... He's a real asshole sometimes." She continued, trying to figure out what Elizabeth and I were. Classmates? Friends? Who knew...

"No problem. See ya around." I waved awkwardly, leading Elizabeth away to my car as a very puzzled Bethany watched. 


"That was nice of you." I told Elizabeth on the way home. 

"I could say the same for you." She shrugged.

This only frustrated me, one minute she's sweet and all wanna be saint, the next she's passing me shrugs and eye rolls. 

"Oh that's a really good ice cream place!" She squealed. Without thinking, I pulled a UTurn into the lot of the ice cream parlor. I had been here before and I thought it was only ok, but if it made her happy then I was up for it. 


"Chocolate chip cookie dough." She requested. With a small smile I told her that that was my favorite, and I ordered the same thing. 

"Thanks." Elizabeth smiled as I paid and took her to a nearby table. 

I smirked as Elizabeth licked around the cone, trying not to let her teeth touch the cold cream. She cringed at the frozen feel and noticed me watching her. 

"What?" Elizabeth giggled. 

"Nothing." I blushed, ashamed for looking at her with such desire. For some reason, she was fascinating me. She was freakin Elizabeth Clarke... What was I thinking?

"So uh, good job in the game today." She grinned nervously. 

"Thanks." I shrugged, scoring and winning was easy for me, the only thing that worried me was Stan's comment...

"I think we should go now." Elizabeth said quietly, noticing me thinking like crazy. I could barely manage a nod, but I sped to her mansion in a crazy rush, wanting nothing more to do with her. 

I waved goodbye and waited for her to get in before cursing myself for actually bringing her of all people... Stupid Lou, plain old stupid.

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