Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


3. Ch 2

When I finished high school my plan was to go to some easy collage. My father of course wanted to use his money to send me to a fancy school where I could get my medical degree, but with my grades... Well it would be close to impossible. It's not that I was a bad student, I got all the material and such, I just had a bad habit of ditching school or skipping class, therefore not bothering to turn in work or even do it for the matter. By senior year it was pretty obvious that I would not be going where my old man wanted me to, if any college for the matter. But, thanks to my dad's cash and his ability to pull stings, I had a chance. I stayed busy, filling in my applications and thinking of my essays. 


Coming up was the end of the year dance. It wasn't that I didn't have girls who liked me, because I did. I really really did. For the longest time I was steady with a girl named Bethany Wilnot. She was my first real serious girlfriend you could say, of course she was up until she broke it off with me so she could be with James Circo. James was a well known guy, but not exactly in a good way, he was infamous if you will. He was probably something like twenty years old, constantly was smoking, and had been thrown in jail twice for drinking and driving. He did have a nice car though, I do have to confess I was jealous of it. He was always leaning against the hood of it mumbling stuff like "hey baby" to hot girls who walked by. In other words he was a real prize if ya know what I mean. 

Well, anyway, because of the whole Bethany situation I was left dateless. I had asked a couple girls, but for the most part they had dates already. I called more and more, but all them had guys taking them too. By the final week, my choices were left with the girls who had thick glasses, acne, braces, and talked with lisps. I didn't really care because I knew Doncaster wasn't a Victoria Secret Modeling town though, if you know what I mean. My problem was I had to go, like it was mandatory for me. I was helping decorate the gym and clean up for a few last minute service hours. I could not go stag... Could you imagine how awful that would make me look? I'd be the weird guy leaning against the wall the entire time or scooping punch for people, that's what the dateless did. 

Growing nervous, I dug out the yearbook and flipped through the pages one by one. My eyes anxiously roamed the pages, searching for someone alright enough to take. I called a few girls who had graduated last year, but they all claimed to be out of town. Feeling hopeless, I flopped on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My mother knew what I was going through and she finally came in my room and sat beside me. 


"If you can't get a date, I'm sure you're cousin Agnes will go with you!" She said. 

Cousin Agnes was disgusting. She spat her food when she chewed and she was one of the ugliest people I had ever seen. 

"Thanks mum." I frowned. 

When she left, I felt worse than before. Even she thought I wouldn't find anyone. And if I showed up with Agnes? I can't even picture how much I would be teased about it. 

I needed to find someone. 


So there I was, flipping through the yearbook in the junior section when the book fell to the ground. I picked it back up and instantly spotted Elizabeth Clarke on the page it had opened to. I paused for a second and stared at her. It was only a second before I continued to turn pages, cursing myself for even thinking about it. Another half hour passed when I finally discovered there was no one left. No one. With a heavy sigh, I flipped back to her picture and looked again. That one second glance turning into minutes and then an hour of hard thinking. I thought of choir and all the thoughts I had about her. Sure she wasn't as hot as Bethany was, but she wasn't completely ugly... She's really sweet and would probably say yes, unless she was scared to show her face at social events... 


I shut the book and stared back at the ceiling. Elizabeth Clarke? No way. Absolutely not. My friends would never let me forget it. 

But compared to cousin Agnes, leaning against a wall, or pouring drinks? For the rest of the night, I lay awake considering the pros and cons of taking freaking Elizabeth Clarke to the dance. 




The next day at school Stan came up to me and playfully bumped into me. 

"Hey, mate." I chuckled, filling my bag with books. 

"Find a date yet?" He asked, shoving a breakfast bar in his mouth. 

"No, but I've got a pretty good idea of who I'm gonna ask." I shrugged, lifting my bag over my shoulder. 

"Ohh! Who?" Stan gasped, poking my stomach. 

"I'll tell you when she says yes." I rolled my eyes and walked away. 

"Fine, see you at lunch!" He called to me over the crowds of students. 

I had to stop myself from leaving school... I mean what would he say once he found out I was planning on asking Elizabeth Clarke to a dance? With a sigh I turned and went to my first class. 








The minutes ticked by and before I knew it, the day was over. 

Lunch and all of my classes had passed in a daze. I briefly remember talking sports at lunch with Stan, but other than that all conversations had gone in one ear and out the other. What was I planning on doing? I thought and thought, but my idea slipped my mind. 




"Hey, Tomlinson!" One of my friends, Chucky we called him, yelled to me, taking me away from my thoughts. 

"Hey!" I smirked, slapping his hand he was holding out. 

"Heads up, Clarke is approaching." He chuckled before leaving. 

Then, like a brick falling on my head, I remembered my plan. 

I spun on my heel and cut across the road, straight to her. 

"Hello, Louis." She smiled happily. 

"Hey, Elizabeth." I smirked, waiting for the dreamy expression most girls gave me when I talked with them. 

"Wow. He actually is willing to acknowledge me in public." She said. I panicked... She hated me already. 

"Louis, I'm kidding." Elizabeth laughed. Her laugh... My first thought was Christmas time, but even that couldn't describe the perfect sound. I shook my head, what was I thinking? 

"Oh! Ok." I nodded, I could feel the nervous sweat building at the edge of my face. 

"So, why're you talking to me?" She asked cheerfully. 

I looked at her clothes and past the ugly fabric, I decided she wasn't that ugly. The hair framing her face blew around in the light breeze and shone in the sun, her braid still clinging to her back. 

"Um, I was wondering if you were planning on going to the end of the year dance." I asked. 

Elizabeth's lips twitched in a smile and she pretended to think. I knew she was dying at the opportunity to be with me. 

"No. I don't think so." She finally said. What? I was Louis Tomlinson... Everyone wanted me to take them out. 

"Why do you ask?" Elizabeth continued. 

I swallowed nervously and figured I may as well continue, "Because I was wondering if you would want to come with me." Elizabeth's face was one that for some reason I had an easy way of reading, so the shock in her eyes was obvious. 

"Louis Tomlinson, asking Elizabeth Clarke to a dance?" She laughed. Hearing it out loud I hated how it sounded, but it was too late, it was just depressing to be rejected yet again. 

"Ok." Elizabeth finally nodded.

"What?" I choked.

"I said yes, as long as it's alright with my father." She frowned. 

"Oh... Alright." I sighed, what an awful way to be rejected, the stupid 'daddy won't let me' excuse. 

"For now, I'll keep it as a yes." She smiled. I blinked a few times and just nodded, at a loss of words for the first time ever.

"One condition." Elizabeth said.  

"Ok...?" I squinted at her through the sun. 

"You have to promise to not fall in love with me." She smirked. I laughed and agreed to it, knowing how slim the chances were of me liking her... But still, there's always a surprise in the road every once in awhile.  

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