Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


11. Ch. 10

Lizzie held my hand as we walked down to the beach with my sisters. Luckily, we were almost there. I could tell Elizabeth was beginning to tire out. 

We had graduated a week ago to the day. It weirded me out thinking about it... Most of my friends were going to University, I on the other hand had decided to take a gap year. I wanted to spend every moment with Elizabeth, finishing as much as we could on her bucket list. She also decided to take a gap year, not that she had much of a choice with her cancer and all.. 

Everyone knew... A few days after graduation at one of the town meetings, Mr. Clarke spilled the beans. Elizabeth knew it was time for everyone find out her secret. Soon after the phone calls started. They were mostly apologies to Elizabeth for being so cruel. She became the one thing everyone prayed for morning, evening, and every time in between. Elizabeth was overwhelmed by all the kindness people began to show her, but it just made me frustrated. Why wait until she's dying to be kind to her? It made me angry. 

Stan had changed a lot. He went back to being my crazy best friend I had known all through middle school, rather than the jerk he was in high school. Lizzie seemed to like him, she even would tag along occasionally when Stan and I hung out. 

My time with Lizzie was always perfect, but too short. I worried everyday how long we would have. She acted carefree and happy... I wanted to be the same with her, but something always held me back. 

"Lou, c'mon let's just live while we're young! Please!" She begged me before we left for the beach. Inside I wondered if she was right, maybe I should just let go of my worries and fully enjoy my time with her. 

When we reached the boardwalk that led onto the beach I couldn't help but pick Lizzie up and fling her over my shoulders. With her on my back I raced Daisy, Phoebe, Lottie,  and Felicite to the water. Elizabeth squealed and giggled in protest when I announced that she was going to be dunked into the water. 

"No! Louis wait! I've got all my clothes on still!" She squirmed like crazy, attempting to escape. 

"Those should go..." I grinned deviously. 

"You're awful." She rolled her eyes when I finally let her down at the water's edge. 

Elizabeth looked up at me with a lopsided smile. She reached out and took my hands in her own. I savored the moment, gently stroking from her thumb to her wrist. She was so small, but so perfect. Elizabeth was all I could see. I took a deep breath and just watched her as the waves lapped up against the shore, covering our feet in a cold, blue blanket of salty water. 

"Do you want to go swimming?" Lizzie finally broke the silence. 

I nodded with a smile and bent down to kiss her. She responded with a sweet kiss. Her kisses were always sweet, unlike some of the heated kisses other girls had shared with me, Lizzie's kiss hit my lips with a sense of pure love and care. The other girls had nothing compared to this... Of course when heavy kissing broke out between us I was in no place to protest, the kisses were practically the same. If anything, the heated kisses Elizabeth and I shared gave the feeling of urgency and determination. 

"Lottie, don't go in without sunscreen!" Elizabeth snapped me out of my daze when she scolded Charlotte who was trying to go swimming. 


Once we all slathered each other in sun block, my sisters ran into the ocean with rafts, floaties, and other toys while Elizabeth and I laid out on our stomachs on a big towel. 

"This is nice." She whispered, tracing random patterns in the sand in front of us. I smoothed out the sand in front of me and began doing the same.

"Yeah." I nodded quietly, staring at her from the corner of my eye. Elizabeth's skin had gotten a shade tanner, she was practically glowing like a bronze goddess in my eyes. Today her hair was down and sprawled out around her as if she were a mermaid.  Her eyes by far dominated everything. They were perfection. At times all I could do was stare into her beautiful grey-blue eyes that twinkled when she laughed. Under the bright blue sky, her eyes ditched the purple-grey color and instead showed a gorgeous aqua color. I noted the adorable crinkles by her eyes when she laughed as I aimlessly played connect the dots with the freckles on her face. Right then everything made sense to me, I was in love with her and all her little things... 

"What're you doing?" Elizabeth frowned, watching my eyes trail over her face. 

"I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your face." I  shrugged. 

Elizabeth tossed her head back and laughed, "Of course you would do that with these ugly-ass freckles covering my nose." I frowned, they weren't ugly, they were cute. 

"You're so beautiful... I still don't see how you don't know that." I sighed, gently brushing some of her curls behind her ear. 

"I know that you think I'm pretty. That's all that matters." She rolled her eyes, turning her body up to the sun. 

"You don't know oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful, uh ul! That's what makes you beautiful..." I sang randomly, it made Elizabeth laugh. She loved when I sang to her. I didn't think my voice was as good as she did, but then again she didn't know how I saw her, so maybe we both were being too harsh on ourselves. 

"You really could make it as a singer." She yawned, staring into my eyes. 

I laughed, we both knew deep down I could never. I crawled closer to Elizabeth and kissed her exposed shoulder. We had been to the beach a few times, so this wasn't the first time she wore a bikini in front of me, but I still was surprised and turned on every time. She sighed as my kisses trailed up her shoulder, onto her collarbone, up her neck, across her jaw, to her bottom lip. I pecked her lips then sat back down in my place. 

"Louis Tomlinson, don't you dare tease me!" She growled. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." I shrugged, getting up and stretching with a groan before continuing, "I'm going to go swimming. If you would like to join." 

Then I walked off to the sea, not turning back. I felt her before I saw her. Of course, I could hear her running at me, but I waited before turning around. Elizabeth launched herself onto my back, causing me to loose balance and topple to the ground with her on top of me. 

"Oops." She giggled. 

I chuckled and flipped us so I was protectively hovering over her. She was mine. 

My head bent down so I could properly kiss her, unlike my little tease before. Elizabeth sighed, releasing cold air against my bottom lip. I gently put a hand on her bare waist and used the other to keep me propped up just enough. Lizzie wound her hands into my hair and moved her mouth against mine. Our tongues met and twirled and fought for a dominance that neither of us were willing to give up. I released a quiet moan when Elizabeth's teeth grazed my bottom lip, lightly tugging it. She was so flawless... much to my luck, she was all mine. 

"Ew, Lou." Charlotte's voice startled me. My hand supporting me gave way and I fell atop Elizabeth. She burst into laugher and kissed me again a few times. 

"Yes, Lottie?" I smirked, getting off my girlfriend then helping her up. 

"Nothing." She giggled, raising her hands in surrender. 

"Were you grossed out by me kissing my girlfriend?" I teased, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. Charlotte laughed and shook her head. 

"I think you were." I nodded, still joking. Charlotte doubled over as I began to tickle her in all her secret tickley spots. She was laughing so hard, making it easy for me to grab her and flip her onto my shoulder. Just as Elizabeth had, Lottie protested with giggles and squeals as I walked deeper and deeper into the ocean. This time I got her into my arms, baby style, then on the count of three, I flung her into the waves. She resurfaced, angry and splashing.  

"I didn't want you to throw me under!" She giggled. I stuck out my tongue, challenging her, before swimming over to Daisy, Fe, and Phoebe. They all were on rafts playing some game. 

Together all five of us splashed around with laughter filling the summer air as Elizabeth watched with an amused grin from shore. 

"Babeeee! Come in!" I yelled to her. Elizabeth crinkled her nose and shook her head in protest. 

I made a puppy dog face. She then got up and probably rolled her eyes, but as I begged, she came in. Daisy and Fe attacked Elizabeth as Lottie and Phoebs clung to me to stay afloat. Now with Lizzie, we all swam and played games until our fingers pruned and we could only taste salt water. 



On the way home I worried about Lizzie. I didn't want her to do too much work, but I was preoccupied with the twins, so I couldn't carry her. We all grabbed equipment and hauled it back to our house where surprisingly my mum was cooking dinner. 

"Hey, kids. Supper's almost ready, wash up then come help me set the table." She grinned. 

I smiled and kissed her cheek then took Elizabeth upstairs. Lizzie quickly hopped into the shower and changed into some of my clothes since hers had gotten wet at the beach. When she was doing that, I took off my clothes and changed as well. I hummed to myself, the conversations between Lizzie and myself were going through my head. They would be good song lyrics... 

"Louis can you come in here for a sec?" I didn't even hear the shower stop. Her voice startled me. 

"Uh yeah be there in a sec." I called back, walking over to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and with Lizzie's permission opened it. She was adorable of course. She had on all her clothes... unfortunately, but her shirt was stuck, exposing a lot of her back. Elizabeth blushed and I understood. She needed help with the shirt problem. I chuckled and easily fixed my shirt which she had on then spun her around and loosely wrapped my arms around her. 

"Hello." Elizabeth whispered. I smiled and pressed my forehead against hers. I could smell fresh shampoo in her hair, it wasn't as heavenly smelling as her natural perfume, but it was a close second. Lizzie's sopping wet hair dripped down onto my hands, but I barely noticed because she was brushing her nose back and forth against mine in the cutest snuggly way. 

"FOOD'S READY!" My mother called up the stairs. Elizabeth giggled and quickly pecked my lips before grabbing my hand and dragging me downstairs. 

I laughed and pulled out her seat. When everyone was settled, I took my seat across from Lizzie. I loved sitting across from her because it gave me a clear view of her gorgeous face. I never ever got tired of staring at her... That's why I didn't like thinking about our future. If she doesn't survive then I don't know who I'm ever going to look at like this again. 

Elizabeth sensed my eyes on her so she smirked at me and stuck out her tongue. I laughed and blew her a kiss across the table. Lizzie pretended to snatch my kiss and tuck it away in a pocket. "For later." She mouthed with a small smile. My insides churned with curiosity, unsure what she meant exactly.

"So how was your day?" My mum asked. She was so supportive of my relationship with Elizabeth. She knew how much the cancer scared us, we knew how much it scared her.

"So fun!" Daisy informed my mother, making her laugh.

"Typical." My mum shook her head with a smile before turning to me, "You always make them happy. Did you give them candy? Or was it just pure big brother awesomeness?"

I laughed and said the latter, although a bit of candy was involved.

"A bit? Lou, you wanted to buy the whole candy shop!" Elizabeth ratted me out with a giggle.

My mother's face turned up into a bemused grin, "Thanks for keeping him in check."

Elizabeth laughed and I raised my eyebrows. Course. But to be fair, Lizzie did keep me in check. I liked to think I was the one who began to corrupt her perfectionism though. Lizzie had even suggested skinny dipping the other night, being the good guy I was I turned down the offer, figuring she would regret it later.

"What are you planning to do tonight?" My mum asked.

Lizzie and I had a date almost every night. We couldn't stand being away from each other for more than an hour, so getting through the night would be better after a date.

"I dunno. Movies? Walk on the beach? I've got no clue. Any preference, babe?" I turned to Elizabeth.

"Nah. Beach walk sounds nice though." She smiled sweetly.

"Beach walk it is then." I smirked, resisting the urge to reach for her hand right now.

After we cleared dishes and washed them down, Lizzie and I held hands and walked to the beach. We took off our shoes and left them by the dock so we could walk around barefoot and happy.

"I love you." I whispered to Elizabeth. Sometimes I thought she just needed to know that, she should know every second how much I love her.

"I love you too, Louis." She grinned. I sighed, hearing her say she felt the same way about me made my heart explode.

At around midnight we decided it was time to go. It was pitch black anyways.

We got back to my house and went into the car. When I began pulling out to take her back to her house, Lizzie's smiling face distracted me.

"Why're you so smiley, beautiful?" I asked her teasingly as my car trailed down the smooth road.

"Because I'm with my fabulous boyfriend." She said then paused and giggled, "My fabLOUIS boyfriend." Her head rolled back as her laugh echoed in my ears. I just stated at her from the corner of my eye, soaking in her perfection.

"You're a cheeky little doll." I rolled my eyes, slowing down when we got to her street.

"Lou... Promise to help me with my bucket list?" Elizabeth asked, wide eyed.

"'Course I'll help complete your bucket list. Tomorrow we should write it out." I smirked, pulling into her driveway.

"Do you want to come in?" She offered despite the time.

"Nah, your dad probably just wants you to go to bed." I laughed, we both knew Mr. Clarke was staying up for her.

"You're right..." Lizzie sighed.

I leaned at her and ran a hand through her hair. So precious. I cupped her cheek and kissed her lips gently. Her perfect, perfect lips. Elizabeth's lips turned up in a smile and she kissed me back. Our kiss was long and perfect, as always.

"Goodnight, Boobear." She teased. I groaned, mentally taking a note to scold my mother for telling her my childhood nickname.

"Goodnight, babe. Dream of me." I whispered as she opened the door. I could see Mr. Clarke waiting out on the front porch.

"I always do." Lizzie smiled, she pecked my lips then ran out to her front porch. She stood there and waved wildly as I backed out. With a grin I waved back then drove off, already missing her.


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