Summer Love

There was a time when Doncaster was a calm, quiet town. When nothing too exciting happened, on Sundays women wore dresses and men wore suits, kids played in the green lawns, and teens were as close to behaved as they'll ever be.
Louis Tomlinson remembers this time clearer than anything else, one 2009 summer over all. Louis had dated before, maybe even claimed that he found "the one," that was until he met Elizabeth Clarke. She was probably the last person he ever imagined to fall for, but somehow the pieces fell into place. Elizabeth taught him everything he never learned, the pain and prize of being in love.


2. Ch 1

In 2009, Doncaster was a normal, quiet town where nothing too exciting happened. Although we had an international airport, tourists rarely came other than as a stop on the way to the city. 

I have lived here my entire life, and to be honest I didn't care, I was fed, I had a lot of friends, my life was basic, somewhat boring, but easy. 

Everyone knew each other and therefore would wave when you were trying to just get your mail or walking past their car. Your parents were friends with your friends' parents and then their parents were friends and so on, it probably goes back for a couple generations. It was usually cloudy, but our summers were hot enough to frizz up your hair because of the humidity. It always smelled of wet cement because of the rain that often sprinkled the streets. 

Back then teenagers were well behaved and didn't do much bad, except for me and my friends, but I'll touch up on that later. 

In general Doncaster would be one of those places where you expect to see perfectly green lawns, trimmed bushes, children running everywhere, smiles on everyone's faces, and up to a point that is true. I just don't think it's what I should focus on when telling you this story, she didn't follow tradition, so why should I? 


My family had a good deal of money, but my old man divorced my mom awhile back. She remarried a relatively nice guy and I ended up taking on his last name. Both my dads are pretty successful, so my mother, half-sisters, and I all live pretty well, not at all like Elizabeth Clarke. Her family was filthy rich and everyone in town knew. I think my dad was friends with her mother, but I don't have either one to ask. 

Sixteen years ago, when Elizabeth and I were both only three, a drunk driver slammed into the side of her mother's car, taking her mum's life. Practically everyone in Doncaster knew about them and always helped the family, not that they need helping. 




As long as I can remember, people have liked me, that simple. I consider myself a likable guy, and easy to talk to. My friends for the most part are good to me, but to everyone else they act like complete dicks... But honestly it's never bothered me because I did the same. It's not that I wanted to hurt people, I found some of what we did entertaining. 

One of the huge things Doncaster was proud of was our music program, not that I planned on getting involved on purpose. Elizabeth's father funded the entire program, therefore she was given one of the solos this year, I was stuck with the other. 

Rewind three days and I wasn't in choir, but after a stupid prank involving toilet paper, water, bubble wrap, and chocolate (I know, but don't ask what I did), I was able to avoid a full suspension by community service or by taking stupid choir during my last semester. Two of my friends weren't so lucky, they had taken the prank too far, vandalizing some property. They were stuck, suspended while I had to take choir. 

I signed up for choir rather than service, because I needed an extra elective and I figured that I could just sleep through it. What could be easier for a high school senior?





On the first day of class, I was late. And I don't mean oops I was taking a piss in the restroom down the hall for five minutes late, I mean oops I was drinking in the back of the school because my second to last class is a free and I have nothing better to do late. That's exactly what I was doing, one of the reasons why I was seen as a somewhat rebellious kid to most parents. I had alright grades and in front of adults I tried to behave, but rumors and stories spread fast in Doncaster, so I began to look bad. 


Well, back to the story...


Lucky for me, the teacher was a real ditz and didn't really care that I was fifteen minutes late. 

She had written her name in big messy handwriting, assuming we had no clue who she was... And boy she was wrong. 

Her name was Mrs. Rossell, but everyone called her Mrs. Fossil because she was so old. 

"I heard she's been here since before WW1." I had once joked, surprisingly, people bought it and the rumor spread. 

Mrs. Fossil turned around and announced that Elizabeth will be doing a solo. 

"No shit sherlock." I mumbled go myself. She also announced that she needed a male to do another solo that would combine with Elizabeth's part and become a duet. 

There were only three guys in the classroom: Steven, Ben, and me. Steven was a tall, lanky guy covered in acne with greasy hair. Ben I tolerated more, but not for more than one class period a day, because he wheezed and smelled like pig shit. And then there was me... Well you can put together why I got the part on your own, not that I'm happy about it.

"Congrats, duet buddy." Elizabeth smirked sarcastically when she passed me on her way out. 

Elizabeth was one of those girls who has six different personalities and you never know what you're gonna get. In front of parents, children, and old people she's the sweetest thing ever. Everyone at school still thinks of her as the "virgin Mary" we all knew growing up together, but something over the summer had changed Elizabeth and how she acted... One day she's shy and sweet to people, then the next is filled with eye rolls and mysterious smirks, but we were not close. DEFINITELY NOT. 

Oh god, Elizabeth Clarke... How to begin.

I guess I can start by saying, "Ew, she's a weirdo."

Then again, as I watched her stand up to get her sheet music from Mrs. Fossil, I noticed a huge change since last year. Elizabeth had grown out her repulsive bangs and her hair was lighter from the summer sun, although it was still in her usually braid down her back, but it was looser, more relaxed, with cute loose strands sticking out in parts. Her face had lengthened and her figure looked well, hot... Almost. The thing that stood out most of all was her eyes. Elizabeth had always had the most fascinating eyes compared to anyone I knew. They were a blue so grey they seemed violet. Before today I always saw her as a weirdo, especially because of her eyes, but now her eyes seem perfect for her. 

What are you thinking, Lou. She's Elizabeth Clarke. No one liked her, and I mean no one. Sure she was sweet and freaky rich, but she was a bit off it seemed. But even worse, if word got out that I thought she was kinda hot, my reputation would be trash. 




"Louis Tomlinson." Mrs. Rossell called when I tried to follow everyone else out. 


"You have a big part, don't disappoint me." She said seriously. 

"I'll try not to." I rolled my eyes. 

Who gave a shit? 

I ducked out of the classroom and made my way to my locker. I pulled out what books I needed and shoved the other ones back into my metal locker. 


"Hey Lou, were going to practice." I heard my best friend, Stan call over to me. Something about the way he said it sounded like he didn't mean it wholeheartedly. 

"Yeah, see you there." I nodded, jogging into the men's locker rooms to get my football(soccer) bag and my practice uniform. I slipped it on and I was myself again, I was popular, an amazing athlete, and so much more. 

When I got out to the field no one was there, just the coach. I sighed, knowing exactly where to find my friends. 

After telling coach I didn't feel well (he nodded and said that the rest of the team felt the same way), I drove to the cemetery three blocks away, where my friends and I drank and smoked. 

I wasn't a big smoker, but I took a few drags when people were watching, not wanting to seem like a queer. 




I heard the gravel roll under my tires, and my mates looked up with stupid grins on their faces. Great, they were already drunk, high, or both. 

"Lou! Buddy, what took you so long?" Stan slurred. 

I grabbed a drink and sat on the ground across from him, my usual alpha position. 

"I was busy saving your butts from coach." I chuckled. Truth was I was thinking about the way Elizabeth Clarke looked at me. She seemed happy that I was in her class, and it wasn't until later that I would figure out why. 

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