Getting Rid Of Charlotte (Sequal Of One Direction Are Vampires)

Toni try's to get rid of Charlotte , but you see Charlotte is pregnant with Niall's child. I know that I didn't write it int he story but I hope your not mad , I just wanted it to be a Suprise.But if Toni gets rid of Charlotte would it ruin every thing? Will Toni succeed of getting rid oh her? Or she won't? But will Niall find out her secret? To find out more read this story.



Toni's POV

I was pacing in my room for who knows what. I suddenly had an idea or more of something I want. I ran to Louis' room and busted through the door. Louis was at his desk on his phone. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. I already knew what he was going to say " Toni how many times do I have to tell you knock".

" Toni, who many fricken times do I have to tell you knock " he yelled

" Crap, off by one stupid word " I said more to myself

" What ? " he asked confused

" Never mind that, can I maybe get my ears pierced " I questioned

He looked taken back but, that got replaced by a stupid, dumbfounded look.

" Why " he asked

I slumped my shoulders and put a pouty face on.

" Because everybody has their ears pierced and I don't, OH PLEASE LOUIS " I begged

He rolled his eyes and bit his lip.

" Um...I guess so, I don't know sure " he said and scratched the back of his head

I did a little victory dance. I smiled the whole way back to my room. I was happy. question is when, where, and how.

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