Getting Rid Of Charlotte (Sequal Of One Direction Are Vampires)

Toni try's to get rid of Charlotte , but you see Charlotte is pregnant with Niall's child. I know that I didn't write it int he story but I hope your not mad , I just wanted it to be a Suprise.But if Toni gets rid of Charlotte would it ruin every thing? Will Toni succeed of getting rid oh her? Or she won't? But will Niall find out her secret? To find out more read this story.


10. Going to the hospital

    Charlotte's POV 

Niall and I are going to go to the hospital. Me and Niall want to know if we're having a boy or girl. Me and Niall got in the car and he started driving. We arrived to the hospital we both came out and went in. "Hello, how may I help you?" a lady said "Were here because we want to see if we're having a boy or girl." Niall explained "Ok follow me." She said and she told us to sit in the waiting room. "You'll probably need to wait for 3-4 minutes Mr. And Mrs.Horan." She said and we nodded. (P.s they aren't married yet)

***4minutes later***

"Hello Charlotte and Niall, follow me." He said and we followed the doctor "please lie here." He said and I did as he said. He left the room and this lady doctor came in. "Hello I'm Dr.Morrison, may you please pull your shirt up." She said and I only pulled it up but not all the way. She put this wired jell in my belly and put this thing on my belly too. She started to move around. There is this Telly in the room and I think it's for I can see the baby. "Ok so this is the baby here, that's the face, legs, head, all." She said pointing around "Oh wait." Se said surprised "What is it?" Niall said worried "They is another baby here." She said I shook shocked "AHH IM SO HAPPY!" I yelled "Um I have news about the baby's. " What is it?" Niall and I said worried.

"Your having twins. One of them is a boy and the other one is a girl." The doctor said and I started to cry. "WhY are you crying?" They said "Im crying tears of joy." I say and stop "Oh." They said and the lady said while she gave me a paper to clean my tummy. "Thanx." I say "No problem . Want pictures?" Se said and I nodded a yes happily "I'll get them in a sec." She said

**5min later** 

Dr.Morrison came back and gave the pictures to me. "Here you go. You may leave now." She said "Thank you so much." I say and we leave home. When we got there we went in and Niall said "HEY LOUIS, HARRY, LIAM, ZAYN, TONI COME DOW HERE WE GOT NEWS." Niall said full of excitement. They all came down. "So what's the news." Louis said like if he already knows. "Charlottes having twins." Niall said and they were shocked except Toni and Louis. 


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