Getting Rid Of Charlotte (Sequal Of One Direction Are Vampires)

Toni try's to get rid of Charlotte , but you see Charlotte is pregnant with Niall's child. I know that I didn't write it int he story but I hope your not mad , I just wanted it to be a Suprise.But if Toni gets rid of Charlotte would it ruin every thing? Will Toni succeed of getting rid oh her? Or she won't? But will Niall find out her secret? To find out more read this story.


19. Cheater/Accident

       Charlottes POV 

I can't believe I'm doing this but I have to talk to this flipping girl Toni. So I walk down  to see her and Niall kissing. I look at them. "I-I hate you." I say to Niall crying and I see Hazza on the couch. I grab my car keys and start driving to some place.

He's a cheater. Then I get a msg from Hazza so I text him back. 

(Text convo) 

H: where are you I'm worried sick 

H: I mean we are worried sick 

M: I don't know :'( 

M: Hazza bear Niall cheated on me with Toni

H: he what 

(end of convo) 

I totally forgot I'm driving then I see a big truck and *BOOM* I got into a accident and I blacked out. All I heard was my phone ringing.  

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