Getting Rid Of Charlotte (Sequal Of One Direction Are Vampires)

Toni try's to get rid of Charlotte , but you see Charlotte is pregnant with Niall's child. I know that I didn't write it int he story but I hope your not mad , I just wanted it to be a Suprise.But if Toni gets rid of Charlotte would it ruin every thing? Will Toni succeed of getting rid oh her? Or she won't? But will Niall find out her secret? To find out more read this story.


5. 1month later

     Niall's POV 

It's around 1am I look at Charlottes belly and it's a little bit bigger and I smile. The lads still haven't noticed she's pregnant. *sigh*. I kiss her on the forehead and go down stairs to get a blood bag. I see Louis drinking a blood bag in the kitchen. So I sneak up to hima and say "Hello." And he jumps 2 feet high "AHHH! WHAT THE HELL!" He said "HAHAHA! Are you ok lad?" I say "Yes." He says and playuly puches my arm. 


     Louis POV 

"Yes." I say to Niall he sacred me like ugh. How couldn't I notice he was behind me. "Am I the only who noticed that Charlotte has a bigger bell?" I say " Yes you and me have.." Niall says "wow months are going so by so fast" I say "I know right I just can't wait until Charlotte has our baby" Niall said 

    Harry's POV

I wake up and as I walk in the kitchen I over heard something. Louis said wow months go by so fast and Niall replied I know right I just can't wait until Charlotte has our baby. I stood shocked for like 10 seconds and walk  in the kitchen like I didn't hear anything.

"Hey Hazza" they both say 

"Hay mates." I reply 

"So do you want a blood bag?" Louis says

"No thank you but upim goings to get cereal." I say *sigh* 

"Oh ok." Louis said 

"So did you hear that Zayn's sister is coming to stay over?" Niall say 

"No.." I replied 

"Yeah she's coming tomorrow." He says and I pour milk inside the bowl and start eating.

"That's great, at least she'll meet Zayn's girlfriend and hangout with each other." I say

"So what are you guys going to do tomorrow?" I say 

"We'll I'm not going anywhere." Niall says 

"Me too." Louis says 

"How about you mate?" Louis said 

"We'll I'm deciding to make a welcome home party for Zayn's sister.... What do you think?" I say 

"Sounds great." Niall says 

"We'll I'm going to bed mates so night." Niall said 

"Me too." Louis and I say at the same time

We go up to our rooms and we said good night I went to sleep but I watched the Telly a little then I fell asleep watching cartoons.


     Still Harry's POV 

I wake up by the sound of someone crying. I open my door to see Charlie (Charlotte) sitting on the floor crying. 

"What's wrong?" I say and she stands up and hug me.

"I-I." She stopped saying what she was going to say

"Do you want to come in my room." I say shyly but In a sad way and she nodded. 

Charlotte and I are in the room all of a sudden Charlotte gets even angrier and her fangs come out, she bits her lips and it starts to bleed.

"Charlotte please calm down." I say 

She looks at me with that look of shut up or ill hurt you so I got out the room to see Niall angry too..... Did I miss something here because I'm so confused. Niall , Charlotte are mad wow I really do wonder what happen. 

"Niall lad what happened?" I say 

"I got into a argument with Charlotte because." He says and starts tearing up

"Charlotte thought I was going to leave her." He said 





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