Getting Rid Of Charlotte (Sequal Of One Direction Are Vampires)

Toni try's to get rid of Charlotte , but you see Charlotte is pregnant with Niall's child. I know that I didn't write it int he story but I hope your not mad , I just wanted it to be a Suprise.But if Toni gets rid of Charlotte would it ruin every thing? Will Toni succeed of getting rid oh her? Or she won't? But will Niall find out her secret? To find out more read this story.


6. 1day later

   Niall's POV 

I'm still a bit angry but my sister Jennifer is coming over. So I took a bath and when I finished I dried my hair and got dressed. When I finished I hear the door bell ring. It mis be her , when I opened the door it was her. "NIALL!" Jennifer yelled as she hugged me. "Jennifer." I say "What's wrong Niall your always happy?" She says "Nothing I'm ok." I reply.

    Jennifer POV 

I know when Niall's say so I kept annoying him until he finally told me. I was shocked. Niall went a showed me my room it's so huge but I'm staying here for a few days. Niall told me he got his girlfriend pregnant. Niall showed me his room and I saw his girlfriend.

"Hello, I'm um Jennifer. Niall's sister. " I say 

"Hello I'm Charlotte , nice too meet you Jennifer." She said it sounds like she's in a lot of pain. 

"Congratulations about your baby." I say shyly 

"Thank you." She says 

"So what do are you going to name the baby?" I say

"Me and Niall still haven't talked about the baby's name." She sadly said 

"Oh.. I got to go unpack ill see you later bye nice to meet you." I say 

"Ok bye and nice to meet you too."she says 

I walk into my room to see Niall sitting there. 

"Niall! Go into your room and go talk to your girlfriend!" I demanded him 

"Ok fine geez." He said 

    Niall's POV 

I walk into my room to see Charlotte there on the bed about to stand up.

"Hey." I say and she jump 

"Ahh!" She says yelling 

"sorry to scare you but I want to say sorry and want to talk about our child.?" I say 

"Sure and sorry." She says 

"Im wondering what to name our child." I say 


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